9 May 2017

The Ordinary - The Skincare That Saved My Face

You'd think after 23 years that my skin would be used to the changing seasons.

Nope at nearly 23, my skin still throws a wobbler when the weather gets a degree warmer. Which has proven a problem when you live somewhere like Manchester, where in spring, one day you're de-icing your car, the next you dusting off the old denim shorts.

This means that from around April time, my skin needs a lot of attention to keep it clear and happy.

Being a beauty blogger, I have tried everything. The one thing i've actually learn't about my skin is that less is more and a simple routine seems to be the winning ticket. So, I ditched all of my fancy creams and lotions in favour of a four step scenario, cleanse, tone, serum, spot treatment (when needed).

Over the past month my skin has come on leaps and bounds, mostly due to the two new additions to my routine. That and making a conscious effort to stop picking, touching and putting anything and everything onto my face. Today I wanted to introduce you to my new favourites.

You'll have no doubt seen these simplistic scientific looking bottles all over your instagram feed and the hype is for a good reason.  I'll admit I didn't even bother to browse at first, because usually a big fuss comes with a big price tag or a big shipping fee, but these little beauties have neither.

The Ordinary is a purse friendly brand, specialising in topical acid treatments for the skin. With oily skin like mine, this kinda stuff is right up my street. I went straight for the Niacinamide High Strength Vitamin and Mineral Blemish Formula.  With Niacinamide (Vit B3) and Zinc this bottle of goodness helps to reduce the appearance of blemishes and helps to regulate sebum production, thus combating future breakouts from appearing. This has helped to clear up old and stubborn blemishes that have been sitting on my skin for a while now. I apply this morning and night and I am obsessed with it. It's lightweight and sinks straight into the skin and has really helped to renew my skins glow. 

This next is not for the faint hearted or sensitive skinned. 

So much so, The Ordinary actually warn people away from using it on their website (odd since they sell it huh?). I however have skin built to take on the acids, so I went for it anyway.

Salicylic Acid is known for its blemish fighting properties, tackling new spots before they even get the chance to surface and taking care of the ever challenging congested pore. It penetrates deep to exfoliate the inside walls of pores and the skins surface for bright and clear skin.

This is my favourite of the two and cleared up sore and red spots in a matter of days. It should be used with caution and a light hand applied directly to spots and not all over the face and sun cream must be applied every day when using it.

Have you tried anything from The Ordinary?



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