13 May 2017

Could You Ditch Your Conditioner? A New Way To Wash Your Hair

Being a self confessed hair care obsessive, who cannot go a week without at least 3 hair masks, giving up my normal shampoo and conditioner and replacing it with just one product was a scary thought. 

But I also love to try new things that promise to encourage a healthy hair and scalp, so when the opportunity to try out the new 'New Wash' from Hairstory arose, I couldn't turn it down. New Wash is designed to protect the hairs natural moisture barrier, which regular shampoos compromise and is packed with aloe and essential oils, which cleanse and condition the hair. Leaving no need for either shampoo or conditioner. Hair Story goes as far as to claim that conditioner does nothing but mask the damage caused by shampoo. Big statements right? New Wash is also suitable for all hair types, including colour treated mops (like mine).

So the big question is, does it work?

Surprisingly... it really does. With Jojoba and Peppermint it's fragrance is fresh and natural and its consistency, just like a conditioner. 

You simply take the shower bottle in hand, and massage it from root to tip just like you would with your conditioner, rinse and repeat and your done. 

I was extremely skeptical and expected flat, greasy locks after my first use. However just like hair story say, my hair was soft, shiny, frizz free and felt full of life. Seriously impressive! It boasts some great ingredients and I love the simplistic packaging, but most of all it saves time and money and does a better job then two products combined. 

After around fifteen washes of using nothing but the New Wash, my hair and scalp is in great condition, both comfortable and manageable. I've now taken to using this once or twice a week, and switching back to my normal shampoo and conditioner routine to keep it fresh. 

I highly recommend that you give this product a go for a month and see what you think! 



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