3 May 2017

3 Things I Try To Always Remember

Oh 2017 you've already both tested and pleased me in many ways, but i'll give it to myself, even with the punches each year keeps delivering, I seem to be getting by and somehow getting more grateful with each blow.

I've always been tough and I pride myself on that, because I stand by the fact that what does not kill me will only make me stronger.

There is something to be learnt from each challenge life throws our way, an advantage gained for the next time a similar scenario pops up, a scenario you're now equipped to deal with and won't be beaten down with again.

I try to remember three important things that always keep me going, the first is to see the good in everything.

Instead of dwelling on the negative things that may be occurring, I try to remember what it is that I am so grateful for. There are certain things in life that we cannot control, so I don't try to. What I do instead is focus on the good, distract my mind from the bad temporarily. Good family, friends and most importantly good health. Most situations have a silver lining, focus on what outcome you want.

There is only one you. And that will never change. I find it has become increasingly difficult to not compare yourself to the likes of the seemingly perfect instagram famous club. But behind the filters are normal people who have their hangups and insecurities, just like the rest of us. It's so important that although I have things I don't like and people i'd sometimes much rather be, there will only ever be one me. Own it and be unique.

The last is one that I only recently started to apply to my life. It's taken me nearly 23 years to stop being a people pleaser. 

It's a hard habit to break and I think I got too wrapped up in feeling like I needed people to like me, to approve, when in reality it's only those people close to me who's opinion's matter. I'm always polite and kind but in terms of going out of my way to please people who wouldn't do it for me, I no longer do it. Make effort for yourself and for those people who are worth it.


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