21 May 2017

PMD Microdermabrasion - At Home Microdermabrasion? Does it Work?

So if you've been here a while reading my posts, you'll know that I'm a real sucker for skin care. I'm constantly on the hunt for new products, tools and methods that will improve my skins condition and keep it clear and healthy. 

So when an email popped up in my inbox from PMD UK, I couldn't wait to try something new in the bid for a flawless complexion. 

Microdermabrasion usually performed at a skin clinic for a hefty price tag, buffs away dead and dull skin cells, revealing healthier skin with a youthful glow and smooth surface. PMD UK have made a tool that brings this experience to the comfort of your own home, quick and easy, but does it work?

Each PMD comes with the machine itself and a selection of Aluminium Oxide infused discs, each one made for a different skin type and in two different sizes for face and body use. Within the box is a DVD which explains how to use the device properly. PMD go above and beyond to ensure you understand the process before diving straight in, as you can seriously damage and mark your skin if not careful.  I personally love how thorough the instructions are as the skin on our face is something we need to look after an treat with care.

No matter the skin type, PMD advise that you start with the white disc (the training disc) designed for ultra sensitive skin. If the device is not used correctly in can mark the skin, so making sure you start with the training disc means that you can get to grips with how to use it, without any consequences.

Holding the skin taught, you simply sweep across the skin in an outwards direction, making sure to only do each section once.

The machine spins the disc which exfoliates away dead skin, thus stimulating new cell growth and increasing circulation. 

I can't lie I expected immediate results, which as a beauty blogger, I should know better. The training disc was far too gentle for my tough, oily skin, but as advised I built up the coarseness with each use. By the fourth week (the device is only to be used once a week) I had reached the green disc, designed for non-sensitive skin and this felt a lot better.

After use I always reach for a hydrating mask, followed by a heavier moisturiser than normal to soothe any redness. The exfoliation process improves the skins ability to absorb products, so straight after use is the best time to get out your expensive creams and serums.

I have been so impressed by the results of the PMD, after around 4-5 weeks use, my skin is clearer, brighter and rid of any rough patches and clogged pores. 

It has transformed my skins texture and help to reduce oil production which I hadn't anticipated. My make-up has a better base to work with, meaning it applies smoother and lasts longer, a benefit I hadn't even thought about.

The PMD Device is a skin care step I look forward to every week now and something that will stick around for the foreseeable future.

Is the PMD something you'd like to try?



13 May 2017

Could You Ditch Your Conditioner? A New Way To Wash Your Hair

Being a self confessed hair care obsessive, who cannot go a week without at least 3 hair masks, giving up my normal shampoo and conditioner and replacing it with just one product was a scary thought. 

But I also love to try new things that promise to encourage a healthy hair and scalp, so when the opportunity to try out the new 'New Wash' from Hairstory arose, I couldn't turn it down. New Wash is designed to protect the hairs natural moisture barrier, which regular shampoos compromise and is packed with aloe and essential oils, which cleanse and condition the hair. Leaving no need for either shampoo or conditioner. Hair Story goes as far as to claim that conditioner does nothing but mask the damage caused by shampoo. Big statements right? New Wash is also suitable for all hair types, including colour treated mops (like mine).

So the big question is, does it work?

Surprisingly... it really does. With Jojoba and Peppermint it's fragrance is fresh and natural and its consistency, just like a conditioner. 

You simply take the shower bottle in hand, and massage it from root to tip just like you would with your conditioner, rinse and repeat and your done. 

I was extremely skeptical and expected flat, greasy locks after my first use. However just like hair story say, my hair was soft, shiny, frizz free and felt full of life. Seriously impressive! It boasts some great ingredients and I love the simplistic packaging, but most of all it saves time and money and does a better job then two products combined. 

After around fifteen washes of using nothing but the New Wash, my hair and scalp is in great condition, both comfortable and manageable. I've now taken to using this once or twice a week, and switching back to my normal shampoo and conditioner routine to keep it fresh. 

I highly recommend that you give this product a go for a month and see what you think! 



9 May 2017

The Ordinary - The Skincare That Saved My Face

You'd think after 23 years that my skin would be used to the changing seasons.

Nope at nearly 23, my skin still throws a wobbler when the weather gets a degree warmer. Which has proven a problem when you live somewhere like Manchester, where in spring, one day you're de-icing your car, the next you dusting off the old denim shorts.

This means that from around April time, my skin needs a lot of attention to keep it clear and happy.

Being a beauty blogger, I have tried everything. The one thing i've actually learn't about my skin is that less is more and a simple routine seems to be the winning ticket. So, I ditched all of my fancy creams and lotions in favour of a four step scenario, cleanse, tone, serum, spot treatment (when needed).

Over the past month my skin has come on leaps and bounds, mostly due to the two new additions to my routine. That and making a conscious effort to stop picking, touching and putting anything and everything onto my face. Today I wanted to introduce you to my new favourites.

You'll have no doubt seen these simplistic scientific looking bottles all over your instagram feed and the hype is for a good reason.  I'll admit I didn't even bother to browse at first, because usually a big fuss comes with a big price tag or a big shipping fee, but these little beauties have neither.

The Ordinary is a purse friendly brand, specialising in topical acid treatments for the skin. With oily skin like mine, this kinda stuff is right up my street. I went straight for the Niacinamide High Strength Vitamin and Mineral Blemish Formula.  With Niacinamide (Vit B3) and Zinc this bottle of goodness helps to reduce the appearance of blemishes and helps to regulate sebum production, thus combating future breakouts from appearing. This has helped to clear up old and stubborn blemishes that have been sitting on my skin for a while now. I apply this morning and night and I am obsessed with it. It's lightweight and sinks straight into the skin and has really helped to renew my skins glow. 

This next is not for the faint hearted or sensitive skinned. 

So much so, The Ordinary actually warn people away from using it on their website (odd since they sell it huh?). I however have skin built to take on the acids, so I went for it anyway.

Salicylic Acid is known for its blemish fighting properties, tackling new spots before they even get the chance to surface and taking care of the ever challenging congested pore. It penetrates deep to exfoliate the inside walls of pores and the skins surface for bright and clear skin.

This is my favourite of the two and cleared up sore and red spots in a matter of days. It should be used with caution and a light hand applied directly to spots and not all over the face and sun cream must be applied every day when using it.

Have you tried anything from The Ordinary?



3 May 2017

3 Things I Try To Always Remember

Oh 2017 you've already both tested and pleased me in many ways, but i'll give it to myself, even with the punches each year keeps delivering, I seem to be getting by and somehow getting more grateful with each blow.

I've always been tough and I pride myself on that, because I stand by the fact that what does not kill me will only make me stronger.

There is something to be learnt from each challenge life throws our way, an advantage gained for the next time a similar scenario pops up, a scenario you're now equipped to deal with and won't be beaten down with again.

I try to remember three important things that always keep me going, the first is to see the good in everything.

Instead of dwelling on the negative things that may be occurring, I try to remember what it is that I am so grateful for. There are certain things in life that we cannot control, so I don't try to. What I do instead is focus on the good, distract my mind from the bad temporarily. Good family, friends and most importantly good health. Most situations have a silver lining, focus on what outcome you want.

There is only one you. And that will never change. I find it has become increasingly difficult to not compare yourself to the likes of the seemingly perfect instagram famous club. But behind the filters are normal people who have their hangups and insecurities, just like the rest of us. It's so important that although I have things I don't like and people i'd sometimes much rather be, there will only ever be one me. Own it and be unique.

The last is one that I only recently started to apply to my life. It's taken me nearly 23 years to stop being a people pleaser. 

It's a hard habit to break and I think I got too wrapped up in feeling like I needed people to like me, to approve, when in reality it's only those people close to me who's opinion's matter. I'm always polite and kind but in terms of going out of my way to please people who wouldn't do it for me, I no longer do it. Make effort for yourself and for those people who are worth it.


1 May 2017

Recent Beauty Favourites

As the weather gets warmer, my skin and everyday make-up routine becomes incredibly simple.

Just the way I like it.

I like my skin to be soft, clear and full of health and these four products help me to achieve that. Each compliment each other to create the perfect look for spring that takes five minutes.

First up is the Avene Cleanance Cleansing Gel

There is always a lot of great things to be said about the Avene Cleanance range when it comes to blemish prone skin, but for some strange reason I never got round to trying any of the range until now. This cleansing gel helps to purify the skin and regulate oil production meaning it's a great addition to your summer time skin routine. I love that this is not drying like a lot of products that are aimed at blemish prone skin, its gentle but still gets the job done like any other that i've tried. I use this both morning and night, adding gentle exfoliation with my Magnitone Face Brush in the evenings.

Next I take the L'Oreal Fine Flowers Toner

I find that products containing rose extract work really well on my skin and help to add back any moisture lost during cleansing, speeding up the healing process and banishing any dark marks left by old blemishes. This toner has both Rose and Jasmine extracts which leaves the skin soft, comfortable and throughly clean.

Every other day I reach for the St Tropez Facial Oil 

This for me, eliminates the need for a heavy foundation base and creates a subtle and healthy sunkissed glow. What I love most about this product is that unlike standard body tanners, this will not block your pores and is lightweight and non greasy, leaving no sticky residue on the skin. Every other day is enough for this product and can be applied using your hands, given you wash them thoroughly after.

Last but not least, I tackle those tired eyes with the Soap and Glory Fake Awake Dark Circles Concealer. 

This handy chubby stick product is so easy to apply and blends easily under the eyes concealing any signs of fatigue in seconds. It contains green tea extract to plump and hydrate the skin and the yellow undertone provides great coverage for any darkness. I take this everywhere with me and absolutely love it for making me feel and look awake.

Have you tried any of these products?

Shay x