4 April 2017

Stop Worrying About Not Having Your Shit Together

At what age can I start referring to myself a woman without cringing and feeling like I'm still too young for that title. 

The early twenties are a strange period, too young to feel like an adult, too old that your not a kid anymore. So how are we not supposed to worry about having a mortgage and our dream job.

I'll put it out there first, I don't even have a 'dream' job. Never really have. If anything it hurts my brain to try and think about what it is that i'd really love to do, aside from the jobs like chocolate testing and a personal shopper, which we'd all love to do right?

So at what age does it all click and do we wake up one day thinking, wow i've got my shit together. 
What i've realised is that there isn't the right age for anything and there isn't the perfect life, because we're all different and want different things, some people have children at 22, some people are travelling the world and some still feel like they're 18.

No two people are the same, so neither are our journeys. 

Putting a time limit on things only puts you under pressure and makes the process miserable. Before you know it 5 years have breezed by in an un productive, depressed state because you've not allowed yourself to actually enjoy each day and take life as it comes.  Now this is not me telling you to simply drift through each day with an 'i'll do it tomorrow attitude', but we also don't need to plan out each move and milestone, it takes the fun out of it all.

My twenties are all about growth. 

If I look back at how my confidence and personality has grown since my first office job, to now. I've come on leaps and bounds. Four jobs have taught me what I like and don't like, they've helped me to make some friends for life and develop life skills that maybe I wouldn't have learn't if I'd gone down the university route, which I often kick myself about.

My career experience may not be all that impressive to a stranger, but I feel it's all helped me to progress as a person which is what's important right? I've bought a new car, and moved out and even though it may not be my home yet and my car isn't the one i've always dreamt of owning, it feels pretty great to have independence and enjoy my own space and company after a long day at work and know that i've earnt every bit of it.

We need to celebrate each and every tiny victory, whether that be getting your first ever job, or even something as simple as finally finding something that you feel passionate enough about to want to go out there and work for, this time of our lives, our teens, twenties or even thirties are the first section of our lives, so no more pressure for me, i'll enjoy it thanks!



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