27 March 2017

New In: L'Oreal Micellar Water

I tried one Micellar Water a few years ago when they first became popular and then I kind of left them alone. 

Not that I didn't love the one I tried before, it's just that I felt it didn't do anything ground breaking. Fast forward two years and I'm back on the bandwagon and feeling a whole lot more optimistic about the whole Micellar Water thing. 

Being back into the full swing of the gym, I tend to do my entire skin care, hair and make-up there, nearly two hours after I initially wake up and roll out of bed. So I felt like I needed something super quick for when I first get up, that would clean away the products use the night before, without leaving any residue on the skin. I find that I break out more when I'm back at the gym, sweat is not my skins best friend and leaves me with blocked pores, if I, a) don't have a clean face to begin with and, b) don't wash my face straight after. So a quick swipe of Micellar Water before I hit the cross trainer is ideal.

I went for this L'Oreal Paris option, because it had no fancy oils or additional products that I just didn't want or need. 

Made with purified water is swipes away any left over make-up, serums and impurities that may be sitting on the skins surface leaving it feeling clean and so fresh. 

What I love about this particular product is that it is aimed at oily to combination skin and removes excess sebum whilst mattifying the skin leaving it shine free for longer. I can safely say it keeps it's promise and has kept my oily skin somewhat under control.

For a quick and easy morning and evening cleanse, look no further. This product also comes in a version aimed at dry and sensitive skin so it'll work for everyone!



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