5 March 2017

Gym Tips

Okay so I'm absolutely no expert, this is just one girl trying to get fit and healthy to another. 

I've gotten my mojo back recently and it feels good.

Getting the initial motivation to get up and go can be tough, but once you're back into a gym stride, nothing feels better. Speaking from experience, I know that it can be an intimidating place. Packed with toned gym bunnies who look like they know exactly what they're doing and will enjoy sniggering at your attempt to use that weight machine that looks like it might rip your arms right off. Now i'm about three years into being a regular gym goer (albeit a few gym changes and breaks in between), so let me assure you that the gym is probably one of the least judgemental places you can go.

Everyone there has something in common, a goal.

Whether that to be healthy, get toned, lose weight or just counteract that dominoes pizza they ate last night, their priority when they step through the doors is themselves and their own journey. So if you ever see anyone taking time out of their workout to concern themselves with what you're doing, they're doing life wrong. 

All that being said, I wanted to share with you some tips for the gym, that I've picked up along the way and still learn each gym session.

First up, preparation is key. 

Nothing kills your workout like standing around deciding what to do. Plan, plan plan. I like to pick a body area to focus on each day and then plan a HIIT style circuit workout around that. If you're a gym newbie, Pinterest is amazing for this. Simply search for something like 'arm workout' and you'll have a full routine to get through in a quick 30 minutes, which will leave you feeling throughly pumped for the day. I take to the cross trainer for a 15-20 minute warm up each morning before I go for a circuit.

Try a class.

Gym classes are perfect for a new gym goer or even a regular. Not only are they lead by trainers that know exactly what they're doing, they can teach you new moves and workouts that you then use yourself, at the gym or even at home. As i've just switched gyms again I haven't been to a class in a while, but when I get back into them, spin will be my favourite to burn off those cheat meals from the weekend!

Don't be scared to try new things. 

There is some questionable looking equipment that still looks daunting to me, but we all start somewhere and giving everything a good go is so important. If there's something that you want to try just go for it, perhaps hover on a treadmill nearby and watch other people use it first so that you know how it works. Even the most experienced users have started from square one and you won't know until if you like it until you give it a go!

Eat light and keep hydrated. 

This may be trial and error and a case of seeing what works for you, but I cannot workout on a full stomach. It gives me stitch and generally just slows me down. Therefore I opt for a banana or quite often some fasted cardio and eat within 30 minutes after. That period after the gym is essential breakfast/lunch/dinner time because you still burn calories within that time. So get your workout done and eat your porridge after. Of course throughout that whole time, DRINK WATER. 

Finally, remember it's your very personal journey and it can be however you want it to be, what's so great about the gym these days it that people are trying new things and enjoying sharing new ways to use weights and equipment that have never been done before.

There is no right or wrong way to do it, there's no limit to how long or short your workout has to be and there's no set amount of days you need to dedicate. Find your flow and roll with it. 



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