26 February 2017

Natural Beauty, What I Use And How

Last year was the year that I really got into natural beauty.

I turned a corner with my beauty and fitness, wanting it to be less quick fixes and more permanent feel good health. The same applied to my beauty routine. I wanted to actually repair my hair and nourish my skin, not just cover up blemishes and temporarily seal those pesky split ends.

Natural oils have become my favourite things to reach for, for a variety of things in and out of the kitchen. 100% natural oils to be precise, that can do no harm in my eyes. You will all of heard how great coconut oil is for your skin, hair and body, but how many of you actually put it to practice outside of cooking?

On that note, lets start with Coconut Oil. I've professed my love for the stuff time and time again, it's a god send for me, one that I now could not live without. I always opt for 100% Organic Raw Coconut Oil, options that are not 100% Organic can block pores so steer clear!

I use Coconut oil to remove my make-up every single day. It melts away eye make-up with ease and is so gentle compare to some drugstore options. It leaves my skin so soft and to most peoples surprise, very clean with no greasy residue!

I reach again for this when I am stepping out of the shower. As far as fancy body oils and creams go, this natural choice trumps them all. Massaged into damp skin it sinks right in, leaving skin radiant and nourished, plus it's great for clearing scars and stretch marks! You can also mix with some brown sugar or ground coffee for a body scrub that will buff away dry patches and old fake tan with ease.

Next up Castor Oil. 
This is my hairs saviour. Having used Coconut oil on my hair for many years now, I decided to switch things up and upon some research Castor seems to be number one oil for hair growth and repair. Right up my street.  This Naissance Pure Pressed Castor Oil is also vegan friendly.

Albeit this one is very thick in texture and takes some getting used to, but even on my fine hair it washes away with ease and doesn't leave hair weighed down. I apply this to my roots and ends and leave overnight twice a week, as well as coating my eye lashes and eyebrows.

It leaves my hair unbelievable shiny and manageable, improving its appearance and texture. It helps to restore Keratin in your hair helping it to gain its strength and elasticity back!  Winner!

Do you use any natural oils? If so, which ones! 

Shay x

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