14 February 2017

My Go To Hair Masks

I have said many times that hair care is my obsession. 

Years of over styling, over colouring and mis treatment, meant that my hair was left in somewhat of a state. Luckily the end result was not beyond repair and just needed a little TLC. So thats exactly what I set out to give it and the past few years have been dedicated to getting my hair back long, strong and healthy.  If theres one thing I cannot go a week without, it's a hair mask. Even though I don't use heat a lot on my hair, simple things like a tight topknot for the gym each morning can lead to weak hair that is prone to snapping, so a blast of moisture once a week is a must. 

My three favourites are as follows:

Redken hit the nail on the head with their entire Extreme Lengths range and although a little pricey, it's worth parting with your money for. 

This particular product is designed to prevent and repair split ends, strengthen the hair and promote new hair growth. 

Applied to damp hair after shampooing and left for a few minutes it gets to work with ingredients such as Biotin, known for its hair repairing properties. 

I found that this is the best mask for dry, coarse ends.  We all know that the only way to rid yourself permanently of split ends it by getting a good chop. But if like me, you pine for long locks, a trip to the hairdressers to rid yourself of a few inches you've worked damn hard to grow is less than appealing. 

The appearance of my hair improves with each use of this and it leaves even the ends of my hair smooth and shiny. The product is also super lightweight meaning that it won't leave even the finest of hair greasy or weighed down.  

It also comes with a handy pump so it's easy to transport to the gym for an extra special hair mask in the steam room. 

Okay, so I've definitely raved about this product before, but believe me it deserves the praise. The Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment works to nourish your scalp and strengthen the hair shaft and is just one product out of his hair growth range. Although all of the products (all of which I have tried) are amazing, this is my favourite by a mile. 

Applied, again after shampooing to damp hair, it instructs you to massage the product into your scalp and through the ends of the hair and let it work it's magic for a few minutes.  

The smell to name one of its qualities is so gorgeous and does leave a slight fragrance (depending on your choice of conditioner)

This mask is the best for hair growth. I was always skeptical about whether hair growth products ever actually worked, but also too curious to not try every single one I laid my eyes on. So in a jumble of a whole load of 'meh' products this one is what I stuck with and will always have in my collection. 

This product is again lightweight, in fact so much so that Lee Stafford recommends that you use this every wash until you see an improvement in your hairs condition.

 It washes out completely and again gives my hair and scalp some much needed moisture. 


You may have seen this beauty floating around the likes of Facebook with beauty reps posting before and after pictures so drastic the pessimist in you simply scrolls past, but this is my all time favourite at the minute. It's thick and is the perfect product for dry hair that is in desperate need of some love. 

This mask is the best for overall hair health and shine. 

Featuring CS7 an innovative cuticle smoothing agent it hydrates the hair and triples it's strength, leaving it so soft and shiny for up to 7 days! I reach for this mask when I want a real pamper, washing and towel drying my hair before coating it thoroughly with this product and leaving it for around 30 minutes.  As I don't like to overly style my hair during the week, it can sometimes be left looking a little lack lustre, this mask adds life back in to each strand and makes my brown locks shine!

It smells incredible and works miracles on dry over treated hair. 

What are your favourites?



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