26 February 2017

Natural Beauty, What I Use And How

Last year was the year that I really got into natural beauty.

I turned a corner with my beauty and fitness, wanting it to be less quick fixes and more permanent feel good health. The same applied to my beauty routine. I wanted to actually repair my hair and nourish my skin, not just cover up blemishes and temporarily seal those pesky split ends.

Natural oils have become my favourite things to reach for, for a variety of things in and out of the kitchen. 100% natural oils to be precise, that can do no harm in my eyes. You will all of heard how great coconut oil is for your skin, hair and body, but how many of you actually put it to practice outside of cooking?

On that note, lets start with Coconut Oil. I've professed my love for the stuff time and time again, it's a god send for me, one that I now could not live without. I always opt for 100% Organic Raw Coconut Oil, options that are not 100% Organic can block pores so steer clear!

I use Coconut oil to remove my make-up every single day. It melts away eye make-up with ease and is so gentle compare to some drugstore options. It leaves my skin so soft and to most peoples surprise, very clean with no greasy residue!

I reach again for this when I am stepping out of the shower. As far as fancy body oils and creams go, this natural choice trumps them all. Massaged into damp skin it sinks right in, leaving skin radiant and nourished, plus it's great for clearing scars and stretch marks! You can also mix with some brown sugar or ground coffee for a body scrub that will buff away dry patches and old fake tan with ease.

Next up Castor Oil. 
This is my hairs saviour. Having used Coconut oil on my hair for many years now, I decided to switch things up and upon some research Castor seems to be number one oil for hair growth and repair. Right up my street.  This Naissance Pure Pressed Castor Oil is also vegan friendly.

Albeit this one is very thick in texture and takes some getting used to, but even on my fine hair it washes away with ease and doesn't leave hair weighed down. I apply this to my roots and ends and leave overnight twice a week, as well as coating my eye lashes and eyebrows.

It leaves my hair unbelievable shiny and manageable, improving its appearance and texture. It helps to restore Keratin in your hair helping it to gain its strength and elasticity back!  Winner!

Do you use any natural oils? If so, which ones! 

Shay x

21 February 2017

My Favourite Budget Fragrance

We all know that feeling of not wanting to waste expensive perfumes on mundane everyday tasks.

Do I really want to use valuable drops of my £70 spritz on a food shop at Asda? Hell no, but I definitely can't leave the house without a spray of something. Introducing New Look fragrances, easy on your bank balance and even easier on your nose. I tried a couple of them,(all lovely and worth a trip to your local New Look for) before making the decision that this was my favourite and at a teeny tiny £8.99 for 50ml you absolutely cannot go wrong. 

Blush is the perfect everyday scent, fresh notes of Rose, Jasmine and Patchouli, it's delicate but still has enough substance to really last the day. 

A little really does go a long way and I find that I can still enjoy its fragrance hours after application. The bottle is adorable and easy to throw into your bag so that you can top up throughout the day and I love the squared top with silver detailing. 

Oh and did I mention its a crazy close dupe for Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle? 

It's a no brainer.



18 February 2017

Current Skin Saviours

We all have a selection of wonder products we turn to when we're having a 'bad skin day'. 

I have two. Two saviour products that help my skin out when it needs it the most. Surprisingly my recent choices are purse friendly and i've become obsessed with them. My picks are both harsh and soothing, making them the perfect pair for troublesome skin.  It's so important to find products that really work for you, products that not only compliment your skin but also each other. 

The winter can be a deal breaker for your face,  being both cold and drying. For me, I still need to reach for products that pack a punch in the oil banishing department, because no matter the season, my t-zone remains as oily as ever. This means that I need to counteract the tough with the gentle. Which brings me onto my favourites for this time of year. 


This mask has become quite hard to get a hold of, Boots having now discontinued it. I did however find it here at Tesco, so I decided I would go ahead and review it anyway as I have only recently fell in love with it. Packed with calming ingredients such as Oatmeal, Aloe Vera and Camomile it claims to soothe, heal and reduce any redness and skin irritation that the harsh weather conditions may have caused. 

I find that this mask helps to sooth any blemishes that I have after just one use, drastically toning down any swelling and redness leaving my skin soft and comfortable. 

I must admit that I have read some particularly bad reviews about this product, claiming that it does not do what it says on the tin and hasn't soothed the skin at all. I however love it and find that it works really well with my skin type. My conclusion is that it probably isn't to be used if you have dry and super sensitive skin, but is the perfect companion to those with oily, blemish prone skin, as it works really well in conjunction with the drying products we may use to tackle breakouts. 


Now these, are my favourites. The only negative is that I waited this long to try them.

These handy pads are saturated with Glycolic, Salicylic and Lactic Acid and are targeted at oily and congested skin. 

They exfoliate away dead skin revealing your clearest and brightest skin and oh boy do they work.  I reach for these every other night, usually after I have used the Quick Fix mask, wiping them gently over my face, avoiding the eye area. They make my skin feel so clean and instantly brighter and they are perfect to use before a facial oil. 

I found that these pads completely changed the texture of my skin, fighting away any pesky under the skin bumps and dry patches leaving it smooth and glowing. 

The handy tub and already soaked pads make for easy use and transport!

What are your current skin saviours?



14 February 2017

My Go To Hair Masks

I have said many times that hair care is my obsession. 

Years of over styling, over colouring and mis treatment, meant that my hair was left in somewhat of a state. Luckily the end result was not beyond repair and just needed a little TLC. So thats exactly what I set out to give it and the past few years have been dedicated to getting my hair back long, strong and healthy.  If theres one thing I cannot go a week without, it's a hair mask. Even though I don't use heat a lot on my hair, simple things like a tight topknot for the gym each morning can lead to weak hair that is prone to snapping, so a blast of moisture once a week is a must. 

My three favourites are as follows:

Redken hit the nail on the head with their entire Extreme Lengths range and although a little pricey, it's worth parting with your money for. 

This particular product is designed to prevent and repair split ends, strengthen the hair and promote new hair growth. 

Applied to damp hair after shampooing and left for a few minutes it gets to work with ingredients such as Biotin, known for its hair repairing properties. 

I found that this is the best mask for dry, coarse ends.  We all know that the only way to rid yourself permanently of split ends it by getting a good chop. But if like me, you pine for long locks, a trip to the hairdressers to rid yourself of a few inches you've worked damn hard to grow is less than appealing. 

The appearance of my hair improves with each use of this and it leaves even the ends of my hair smooth and shiny. The product is also super lightweight meaning that it won't leave even the finest of hair greasy or weighed down.  

It also comes with a handy pump so it's easy to transport to the gym for an extra special hair mask in the steam room. 

Okay, so I've definitely raved about this product before, but believe me it deserves the praise. The Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment works to nourish your scalp and strengthen the hair shaft and is just one product out of his hair growth range. Although all of the products (all of which I have tried) are amazing, this is my favourite by a mile. 

Applied, again after shampooing to damp hair, it instructs you to massage the product into your scalp and through the ends of the hair and let it work it's magic for a few minutes.  

The smell to name one of its qualities is so gorgeous and does leave a slight fragrance (depending on your choice of conditioner)

This mask is the best for hair growth. I was always skeptical about whether hair growth products ever actually worked, but also too curious to not try every single one I laid my eyes on. So in a jumble of a whole load of 'meh' products this one is what I stuck with and will always have in my collection. 

This product is again lightweight, in fact so much so that Lee Stafford recommends that you use this every wash until you see an improvement in your hairs condition.

 It washes out completely and again gives my hair and scalp some much needed moisture. 


You may have seen this beauty floating around the likes of Facebook with beauty reps posting before and after pictures so drastic the pessimist in you simply scrolls past, but this is my all time favourite at the minute. It's thick and is the perfect product for dry hair that is in desperate need of some love. 

This mask is the best for overall hair health and shine. 

Featuring CS7 an innovative cuticle smoothing agent it hydrates the hair and triples it's strength, leaving it so soft and shiny for up to 7 days! I reach for this mask when I want a real pamper, washing and towel drying my hair before coating it thoroughly with this product and leaving it for around 30 minutes.  As I don't like to overly style my hair during the week, it can sometimes be left looking a little lack lustre, this mask adds life back in to each strand and makes my brown locks shine!

It smells incredible and works miracles on dry over treated hair. 

What are your favourites?



12 February 2017

A Statement Bag

I love a statement piece. Something that not only gives me inspiration for an outfit, but makes the whole process a little easier, because when you want that one item to stand out, the rest of your outfit can take a backseat and be quickly thrown together. I always opt for a black ensemble when this is the case. 

The statement piece in question here (if you couldn't already tell) is the Jessie Envelope Clutch from Koko Couture.  Nothing catches my eye more then some tassels, so of course it's going to take centre stage when paired with a basic all black combo. 

Koko Couture's bags are all super special pieces, this grey leather choice no different. Sturdy and well made this clutch comes paired with an adjustable strap and stylish silver hardware to the front. This bag is a steal priced at £22. 

Shay x

*this post contains items gifted to me for purpose of review, all opinions are my own.

5 February 2017

Everyday Make-up

It's rare that I wear makeup everyday.  I've always been a less is more kinda girl when it comes to make-up. Having got back into my early morning gym sessions, I don't have the time to apply a full face of slap and still be on time for work and I'm definitely the kind of person who puts being punctual before anything. Shocking for a beauty blogger right?!

On the days where I have a spare five minutes, I use a sparse amount of products to make up my face. Keeping my routine quick and easy is essential and I've found that laying off the foundation Monday to Friday has improved my complexion. After prepping my skin with the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish followed by the the Hadanomy Collagen Mist and Nuxe Anti Fatigue Moisturising Cream, I'm ready to conceal my dark circles caused by my early morning wake up. 

This concealer has been a staple of mine for a while now, it's thick and creamy and covers blemishes with ease, plus it's so affordable! Contrary to popular opinion, I throughly enjoy the brush head applicator and the tube packaging makes for straightforward application. I quickly conceal under my eyes and my t-zone before tackling any red marks and blending with a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. 

Next up bronzer. This is the ultimate product for a sunkissed, dewy finish. The L'oreal Cushion Bronzer is so perfect for a subtle contour and to add some life back into your skin during the winter months. I use a stippling brush to paint some colour onto my cheek bones, forehead and nose. The colour is very natural and the formula so easy to blend. 

This beauty is your skins best friend on an early morning. Benefits Shy Beam highlighter is a nude-pink matte bottle of radiance and brightens up your face with a few drops. It's a beautifully subtle product that works best under eyes and on your brow bone, I apply this over my concealer, although it would probably work just as well mixed in with your favourite base product. 

Mascara is often a step I will skip, the option to be to able to rub my tired eyes is all too tempting. However when I do want to make a little effort Roller Lash is what I reach for. I have finally retired my Maybelline Mascara in favour of this Benefit alternative. As apprehensive as I was to try a Benefit Mascara after disliking the 'they're real' one, I love this one. In two coats it lengthens, lifts and curls better than any other I've tried. 

I'll admit I would usually turn my nose up at Natural Collection products, however their brow pencil cannot be faulted. Dual ended with a definition blending brush it creates a natural finish perfect for every day brows. The pencil is smooth and creamy and easy to blend so there is room for small mistakes that can simply be buffed away. 

What are your everyday staples?