1 January 2017

Top 10 Beauty Products of 2016

2016 has been a big year for trying new beauty products. Starting a beauty blog at the end of last year meant that I needed to keep with new trends and hyped products to keep my content new and fresh, so my bathroom cupboards grew increasingly busy in a bid to stay in the know and relevant around here, in the ever growing beauty blogger world. 

However sad my bank balance may have been, I have loved and found so many new products that will stay in my stash for the foreseeable future,  so it seemed only right to share my favourites from the whole year. 

First up is Skincare and the one product I had previously overlooked until this year was the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. 

I filed this under not for me when I read of its gentle ingredients. That may sound strange, but with oily, blemish prone skin I thought it wouldn't benefit my skin in any way.  I needed something stronger right?! Boy was I wrong. 

However gentle and calming this product is (very) it cleanses skin so well, leaving it clean, bright and radiant and of course calm and not even slightly irritated. This is the perfect partner in crime to use in conjunction with any harsh blemish banishing products when you need to so that you don't dehydrate your face. Your skin, no matter what type, needs a bit of TLC and this gentle cleanser is ideal for that. The method of polishing the skin when removing the product with a hot flannel means that it takes away the dirt of the day with ease, prepping it beautifully for the next phase in your skincare routine.  

I do however like to use the Liz Earle as a second cleanse. Coconut Oil is what I go for first. Again very gentle on the skin but powerful on your mascara. There is no better cleansing balm than the most natural one itself. Coconut Oil melts away eye make-up effortlessly and a jar lasts you months. I also pile this on to my hair once a week as a moisturising hair mask. This multi tasking wonder oil will sit safely on my favourites list for life I think!

Last for skincare, the Pai Rosehip Oil, so hyped this year that I probably don't need to say anything more about it. I will however because it is just such a wonderful face oil. Again gentle but with some pretty powerful healing properties for any scars and blemishes. I LOVE this stuff. A few drops, 2-3 times a week before bed has my dull tired mid week skin full of life again. This is a MUST for the winter, so moisturising but balanced enough for all skin types. Ahmazing. 

It seems only right that make-up should come next and the LA Girl Pro Conceal has been my go to concealer of the year. With a brush applicator for quick and easy application, it's medium to full coverage and doesn't crack or melt off. I love this for under my eyes and go for the lightest shade to really highlight sections of my phase. Oh and it's around £4 on Amazon!!

Next is the L'oreal Glam Bronze Cushion. I felt seriously skeptical about the release of the cushion foundation, not only do you get less product for your money but it just isn't the norm is it? The foundation it turns out, was not great for my skin type in the long run. This bronzer however is perfect. For my base I reach for matte foundations, so this dewy liquid bronze is the perfect subtle glow I need to add a little colour to my face. Perfect for everyday. 

For a full make-up kind of day, I have loved the ABH Dip Brow in Medium Brown all year. For a strong, long lasting dramatic brow look no further. The pigment is so good and the formula so workable. Applied with an angled liner brush you can create insta worthy brows with ease. Best brow product I have tried thus far and I have tried many. 

Out of all of the products I have loved this year, there is one that is on my list every year and will be forever I think. The Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub. I have said many times of my love for lip products. My desert island make-up item of choice would be a lip balm, dry lips are my worst nightmare. I cannot go a day without using this lip scrub, the Lush version smells and tastes amazing (of course) and leaves lips, soft and moisturised removing any make-up remnants ready for your lipstick of choice. 

Another Lush product has made it onto my list this year, it is of course a limited edition purchase, but there are many others to choose from such as this one. The Fairy Dust dusting powder is something I've had for a while but not really loved. That is until I heard that it should be applied to damp skin and directly on to bed sheets. Since learning how to use it properly and I am obsessed. Deliciously scented and delicate on the skin it adds a super subtle shimmer and leaves skin velvety soft, which I did not expect from a powder. It may not be a necessity but I think it's a must have. 

There seems to be a slight bit of brand favouritism this year, the third and final Lush product is the gorgeous American Cream. This conditioner is so moisturising and thick and smells AMAZING. As does everything at Lush. With orange juice to make the hair super shiny and Lavender to soothe the scalp this strawberry milkshake scented beauty is such a treat for the hair. 

Last but not least is the NKD Skn Pre Shower Tan. NKD Skn kindly sent me this product to review earlier in the year and I am so hooked. I love fake tan and this one is something quite new. You apply this around ten minutes before your shower and it works just as well as any other gradual tan, except no fake tan scent, streaks or stickyness.  I reach for this every time now and just cannot get over how well it works. 

What have been your favourite products this year? 



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