24 January 2017

Protect Your Teeth With Sensodyne

Healthy, strong teeth that are white as pearls are on the top of everyones wish lists, but unfortunately merely avoiding sugary foods is not enough to protect them. Even with a healthy diet, fruit and vegetables can be harsh on the enamel that protects the dentine underneath. Stronger enamel = whiter teeth. That's why when an email landed in my inbox about the new Sensodyne Pronamel range, I jumped at the chance to try it all out. 

One of my personal favourites at the moment is a cup of hot water and lemon first thing in the morning, followed by a black coffee as I settle at my desk at work. 

Hot water and lemon is so beneficial for the body but the teeth? Not so much. 

I'm forever warned off drinking it because of it's acidic properties, but with the Sensodyne range I needn't give it up in order to protect my teeth. 

Pronamel works to strengthen and harden damaged enamel and protects it from further acid erosion meaning that you can continue with your usual diet without having to worry. 

The toothpaste and mouthwash, used twice a day it also work to maintain healthy gums and fresh breath. Plus the cute and small packaging is also perfect for travelling! 

The final product is their soft toothbrush that is gentle on gums but still cleans teeth thoroughly. 

After eating or drinking something that is harsh or acidic, the last thing you want to do is be tough on your teeth which will be feeling sensitive. 

This toothbrush is perfect for that and delicately buffs away plaque and food.



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