28 January 2017

Why You Need To Try Bio-Synergy's Vegan Protein

The hunt for an alternative protein to Whey is a tough one, believe me i've spent the past few years trialling many only to find that they are grainy, lumpy and quite frankly undrinkable, but it still doesn't stop me continuing my hunt. Over the past few years fitness has become a big part of my life, not just because I want to look good, but that I want to feel good too. Protein has always been a key part of my fitness regime that I hate to be without, so finding one that I enjoy drinking is so important. 

Protein is an essential step to building lean muscle, a shake after the gym repairs any micro tears that may have happened in your workout, meaning the recovery process is much quicker then if you skipped it altogether. I know that I perhaps don't get enough protein in my diet alone, so by adding a shake into my daily routine I can be sure my body is getting the goodness it needs after a gym session. 

Introducing Bio-Synergy's Lean and Green 100% Vegan Protein. Even though I do not follow an entirely Vegan diet all round, when it comes to protein I like to skip the Whey, purely because dairy does not agree with my skin. As previously mentioned, finding a good tasting, vegan alternative has proven difficult, so an email from Bio-Synergy landing in my inbox about a collaboration was extremely exciting.

The Lean and Green shake is a raw plant based food supplement which combines the power of several rich proteins into a powerful and delicious drink. With the absence of Soya and Hemp too its the best I've come across and gives you a 21.8g serving of energy and wellbeing. 

Its 100% natural and easily digestible and the taste is amazing, which I never thought I'd say. Having tried 3 or 4 vegan proteins before, I had given up hope in finding one that was smooth in texture and still tasted great but Bio-Synergy have hit the nail on the head with their recipe. 

Early morning is when I like to workout, hitting the gym for around 50 minutes with cardio, weight training and the occasional HIIT workout. I then mix one scoop of Lean and Green with 250ml of Cold Water to enjoy with a banana and I can start the day. It leaves me feeling energised and satisfied as well as aiding growth and recovery in my muscles so I can wake up the following day ready to go again. 

Bio-Synergy have an expansive range of products from Whey proteins to Vitamins and Minerals, so if your new goals for the year were to get fit and feel good, I highly suggest you check the brand out. I could not recommend them enough! 



*this post contains products gifted to me for the purpose of a review all opinions are of course my own. 

24 January 2017

Protect Your Teeth With Sensodyne

Healthy, strong teeth that are white as pearls are on the top of everyones wish lists, but unfortunately merely avoiding sugary foods is not enough to protect them. Even with a healthy diet, fruit and vegetables can be harsh on the enamel that protects the dentine underneath. Stronger enamel = whiter teeth. That's why when an email landed in my inbox about the new Sensodyne Pronamel range, I jumped at the chance to try it all out. 

One of my personal favourites at the moment is a cup of hot water and lemon first thing in the morning, followed by a black coffee as I settle at my desk at work. 

Hot water and lemon is so beneficial for the body but the teeth? Not so much. 

I'm forever warned off drinking it because of it's acidic properties, but with the Sensodyne range I needn't give it up in order to protect my teeth. 

Pronamel works to strengthen and harden damaged enamel and protects it from further acid erosion meaning that you can continue with your usual diet without having to worry. 

The toothpaste and mouthwash, used twice a day it also work to maintain healthy gums and fresh breath. Plus the cute and small packaging is also perfect for travelling! 

The final product is their soft toothbrush that is gentle on gums but still cleans teeth thoroughly. 

After eating or drinking something that is harsh or acidic, the last thing you want to do is be tough on your teeth which will be feeling sensitive. 

This toothbrush is perfect for that and delicately buffs away plaque and food.


22 January 2017

Four Ways To Make Yourself Feel Instantly Happier

The post festive season is somewhat depressing. It's cold, its raining and christmas is over meaning you no longer have an excuse to stuff your face with mini chocolates. It's easy to slip into a grump and just glide miserably towards summer but time is not to be wasted, so I wanted to share four things that put me in a better mood instantly. 

Listening to music is the first. A day for me, does not pass by without music. In my car on the way to work, playing whilst I have a bath and in bed before I sleep as I scroll through instagram. 

The right song can really alter your mood and tap into your emotions, so when I'm feeling down 10 minutes of quiet time with my head phones in forever does the trick

My favourite songs to lift my mood are Kamikaze - MØ, Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do and Michael Jackon -Human Nature, they soothe any grumpiness and always settle me before a deep sleep! The kind of songs you never tire of. 

I've recently got back into reading

My taste in books is not overly fancy. I love a romance and I like to read to relax and switch off, so something light is always my choice. What kind of book you want to read is entirely up to you, it's the action of engaging your brain in something fictional that will completely distract you from everything else, including that bad mood you were in. 

Some recent favourites of mine are Billy & Me by Giovanna Fletcher, The I Heart Series by Lindsey Kelk and Matched by Ally Condie. 

The next one is sure to get some eyes rolling but exercise always lifts my mood. Albeit on a cold morning or evening after work it can take some convincing to get my butt to the gym but once i'm there and especially after a good workout, I feel SO much better. It doesn't need to be something intense, a swim, gym class or even some yoga at home gets your heart pumping and sets off or ends the day well. I love Yoga with Adrienne for an at home exercise. 

Something all three of these have in common is that they don't necessarily require you to be on your phone, of course you may need your iTunes but instagram and twitter is not on the list. Which brings me to my final method. Putting away your phone. I found myself a few nights go scrolling through Facebook and seeing nothing but bad news. I like to stay connected but there's a line and I am a firm believer in what you don't know can't harm you. Filling our minds with endless negativity 24/7 will do nothing for your mood, so taking an hour out away from it all is so essential. 

What do you do to combat the winter blues?



15 January 2017

Photo Diary: Paris

1 January 2017

Top 10 Beauty Products of 2016