21 December 2016


Originally Posted November 2016

Lush is somewhere that I could walk in and take one of everything and be satisfied with each product, I love everything that I have tried and expect to never be disappointed with their products. 

I do however have my favourite few that I like to continuously stop up on, and these four are those special few. 

New Shampoo Bar

For the healthiest of locks, look no further than Lush. I, at first felt apprehensive at the idea of the shampoo bars. How can something so hard and rough in texture lather up enough to provide my hair with a good enough wash and some added moisture? Boy was I wrong. These little bars pack a serious punch in the lather department, in fact they create more to smother my hair with than your standard liquid shampoos! This particular choice is my favourite because of it's scalp stimulating properties (hello hair growth!). Ingredients such as Cinnamon give a scalp tingling experience which leaves the hair feeling so soft and squeaky clean! 

The not so silver lining to these products is storing them! I find that even the tins that Lush recommend you keep them in have them stuck to the bottom and quite frankly a big mess!

American Cream 

If you have yet to try this next beauty, where have you been?! Sweetly scented like Strawberry Milkshake its the perfect once a week conditioner for an injection of moisture like no other. Not for the fine haired I must admit, but applied sparsely it smooths ends and leaves a lingering scent like no other conditioner! This for me is one of those products that I feel the need to bulk buy in case they ever discontinue it! O B S E S S E D.

What's a Lush trip if you leave without a bath bomb?! The first I went for is part of their Christmas line. 

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar

What I love most about this bubble bar is it's soft texture that makes it easy to break into smaller pieces and use multiple times. That and it's familiar scent. This baby carries the same scent as the ever popular Snow Fairy, sweet, strong and borderline sickly. 
I can't get enough of the scent and split into thirds and crumbled under running water it creates a pink bath fit for a princess (with very soft skin). 

Butter Bear

Last but not least, one of the bargain choices available at Lush. I always like to have one of these handy especially when the winter weather has wreaked havoc on my skin. Thrown in a hot bath it's Cocoa Butter goodness and soft fragrance is a skin must have and how cute is it!!

What are your favourites?



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  1. I've never tried any lush products, I bought a lot as gifts. I never thought about the issues with storing them!

    Jaynie Shannon | Beauty & Lifestyle