24 December 2016

Keeping Your Skin Clear During The Festive Period

Chocolate, Cheese and one too many glasses of Wine. They're what the Christmas break is all about right? 

Such indulgences may make our minds and appetites happy, but our skin? Not so much. Throw in some harsh weather conditions and it can become quite the recipe for disaster. I like to keep an extensive skin care routine all year round because my skin type is high maintenance, so when December hits I step it up a few notches. 

Having clear skin to me is what keeps me feeling confident, having suffered from bad skin for years when I was younger, any breakouts make me feel conscious and have me reaching for the strong blemish banishing products, but over the years I've learnt whats right and wrong and what suits my skin, which brings me to my first point. 

Avoid Harsh Products

The cold weather will already dry your skin out, add all those mulled wines and the need for drying and harsh treatments such as tea tree and acids is sparse. I forever assumed my skin was extremely oily, so years of constantly soaking my face in products designed to soak up the excess sebum, only made it worse. Not getting to know what your skin type is and what it's corresponding needs are is a one way ticket to dull, blemish prone skin! Use strong products on the sections that need it, not your entire face! 

Stock up on the Serums

To combat the dehydration that the dry and cold weather brings, serums need to be your best friend. Fear not, oils and serums are not something you should shy away from, there's one for every skin type and trouble, another thing I learn't too late! 
My favourite pick me up oil is the Pai Rosehip Oil, it soothes any irritation and adds a hit of moisture bringing my skin back to life on its dullest days. I also adore the Body Shop Drops of Youth range. 

Keep Hydrated

With water not wine. I can visibly notice my skin becoming dry and dull when I haven't kept myself hydrated and to be honest, water is the best beauty secret of them all, it's really that simple. For a natural glow and the plumpest of skin, your recommended daily intake of water is a must! 


This is something I only caught on to very recently, but it's one that I now cannot do without. Evening Primrose Oil is my supplement of choice. Known for it's pms battling benefits, I picked it up to assist with my headaches and nausea on the run up to, that time of the month. However it's actually a great addition to your skin. It helps to keep your hormones balanced and I can notice the difference in my skin within a week of taking these, plump and with a healthy glow from within! Pick them up at any supermarket or health store. 

What are your tips for healthy skin? 



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