30 December 2016

10 Happy Moments From 2016

2016, what a year you have been. If i'm being honest, i'll be glad to see the back of it and start a fresh year full of new goals and optimism. This year has had it's struggles for me, as I'm sure each and every one of your years has had too. But what's done is done and 2016 has also brought a whole new bunch of memories that bring a smile to my face. So in a bid to end this year how I intend to start the next one, here's some of my happiest moments, all caught on camera. 

#1 A weekend in York, sight seeing, seeing comedy shows and of course... eating A LOT. 

#2 Running the Race for Life with my sister in memory of our nan, who was like a mother to us and who we lost to cancer last year. Everyone was so supportive and positive!

#3 A picnic in the park for my 22nd Birthday

#4 Portugal, the entire holiday was pure happiness from start to finish. 

#4 Camping at Shell Island, I haven't been camping in YEARS, and to do it properly and not at a festival was so refreshing!

#5 Moving in with Ryan, probably the biggest step of 2016 and we couldn't be happier

#6 Attending my first blogging event.  At Selfridges in Manchester, it's difficult to attend events when I have a full time job, so finally getting the chance to go was so fun!

#7 Collaborating with River Island on this piece! Due to technical problems that resulted in the past few months of posts being wiped, I lost this post. The opportunity was still so amazing and I was so grateful! 

2017 tip, BACK UP MY POSTS. 

#8 Beach Walks, this beach at my parents caravan park is forever my happy place.

#9 Our First Christmas in our new flat, this one wore an elf jumper all December, how does this face not make you happy?!

#10 I love to look back on old posts from the beginning of the year. Seeing my blog grow over the year, finding my blogging groove, the fact that i've managed to do this for over a year now is an achievement, here's to 2017!



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