17 May 2016

A Personal Post | Life Lately

Hi Lovelies! I kind of wanted to just do a little catch up post about my life lately. I always feel hesitant to do posts such as these because I sit and think to myself, is anyone bothered? Who cares about my life? But then I suppose if you're here reading this you must be and if not then it doesn't matter really!
Don't fear this isn't going to be a negative post (not that there's any issue in those type of post's we can post what we want right?) as at the moment I'm feeling positive and for good reason. Summer is coming, I have holidays booked and adventures with Ryan and of course my birthday and the thought of it all makes me feel settled.

On the note of Ryan, one thing I have planned is to move out this year. Ryan already lives alone and I had my heart completely set on a mortgage and not renting. However a joint mortgage is a massive step so renting first seems more sensible and I truly believe it will just make us even more motivated to save and get our own house. Even though we're just looking to move in to rented property, I feel beyond excited about the prospect. We decided that we want to make each piece of furniture a project, bringing old pieces alive again and being able to really add our own personal spin on an otherwise impersonal venture, seen as we won't be able to fully decorate a rented house to how we would want it. Pinterest (you can see my page here to get the jist of the vibe we want, I've gone pin crazy!!) has been my FAVOURITE for the past few months and I'm so excited!

Another thing I feel really positive about is this little space of the internet I have. My blog has seen a little increase in followers recently (I'm so grateful for those who follow and comment so regularly!) and I feel as though I have finally gotten into the full swing of things. I decided to ditch the strict rule of one fashion, one lifestyle and one beauty post a week because it was becoming difficult and chore like to stick with. The beauty of a blog is that you can do it how you want, you don't necessarily have deadlines and people telling you what to do (I can only speak for those who blog as a hobby of course) so it's something I want to enjoy. Giving myself the freedom to write what I want and when (within reason, your audience does still matter) has made me have a real spike of inspiration and productivity.

A side note of that creative energy pushed me to start a YouTube Channel (subscribe away!!). YouTube is something that has scared me for a while. You can't necessarily hide your flaws and I can't pretend I have a well spoken and charming accent so it left me feeling quite vulnerable. But, nothing grows within your comfort zone and sometimes you have to just give shit a go. If it goes down like a lead balloon then it's not meant to be, but for any of you bloggers that are wanting to take the plunge but feel too scared, I say just do it. Even set up your camera and film a little, if you feel uncomfortable, delete it, but you might be surprised and like it!

With all this positivity look out for lots of new posts coming your way! You can follow me and keep up to date on bloglovin! Lets hope this lasts! 



  1. I'm a new follower ! So glad your making your giving yourself freedom to write and not following all the blog rules per say ! I enjoy stopping by and reading your wonderful posts !

  2. I just found your blog and I love it, your layout is so cute and I love your writing! :) x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS