28 April 2016

Instagram Lately | A Round-up Of My Favourites

Hi Lovelies! It's been a while since I did one of these posts and I like doing them y'know so here we go with a little round-up of my recent favourites using my recent Instagram pictures (because what kind of young human would I be if I didn't take photos of EVERYTHING I like and post it hey?).

#1 Cute to the Core
HOW FREAKING CUTE. Ryan was appalled when I first bought them and said something along the lines of 'you can't wear those in public they look like slippers' but then 85 of you liked them on Instagram and I text him immediately saying how 85 people like them so I'll do what I want and wear them everywhere. FYI they got a lot of comments on their first début also. I purchased them from ASOS.

#2 Running and Exercise

Don't roll your eyes and think for god sake how can running be one of your favourites but stick with me. The weathers picking up and I love being outdoors and running has become a daily occurrence for me and my sister. Even though I have NEVER been a great runner, having signed up for the Race for Life Pretty Muddy in June I thought I better get my arse moving and the more times I run the easier and more enjoyable it gets. My favourite app at the minute is the C25K which helps build you up to a 5K increasing in difficulty each week. I'm finally feeling on the verge of beach ready and properly back into my fitness and it feels amazing.

#3 Boohoo Lingerie

I have always been a sucker for nice underwear and can safely say it used to be something I used to spend the most money on, because cute underwear usually isn't cheap. Boohoo have saved a sisters life (well... not life but certainly bank balance) and brought out a lingerie line and it is ADORABLE and soooooo affordable! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw some of the pieces and the price.

#4 Pure Almond Oil

I've officially thrown out all my fancy creams and lotions in favour of this natural replacement. This stuff is amazing for your skin and hair and it's ridden me of any dry skin ready for the summer months. I apply this on to wet skin straight after a shower, or once a week I use it on my hair from roots to ends and leave overnight. AMAZING.

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26 April 2016

Beauty | Strengthen, Grow and Restore Your Hair

Hi Lovelies! If you follow me on Instagram you may recognise this product from when I posted it a little while ago. I am forever trying to find a hair routine that I can stick with, something that doesn't need fixing because it ain't broke kinda thing. It's hard though right? There are shelves of prettily packaged shampoos and conditioners that claim to make your hair thicker, longer, shinier, softer and everything that you could possibly wish to the hair gods for, yet quite often they do nothing of the sort and can be packed with chemical nasties.

I stumbled across this brand a little while ago when dry shampoo hunting in Boots and I was so intrigued yet at £12.99 per bottle I put the bottle back, put my bottom lip out at Ryan and sulked off. But as it's me, I can never just drop things (I have one of those annoying once a bee's in my bonnet type personalities y'know) so the on line search began for this beauty.

It's ingredient's contain Jamaican Castor Oil, Shea Butter and Apple Cider Vinegar, all so great for really cleaning your hair and scalp whilst still nourishing it and leaving it soft, silky and full of goodness. Along with that is also balances the PH levels on the scalp creating the perfect environment for new and healthy hair growth. It is sulfate free (YAY) and works great at removing product build up, however it's still gentle enough for frequent use.

Sweet Lord, I LOVE THIS.

Like legit in love.

I shampoo twice with this two or three times a week followed by Veganese or American Cream Lush Conditioners (I am definitely going to be purchasing the matching conditioner to this shampoo soon though) and it is a dream. It lathers up nicely and has this sweet but not sickly smell which I really like (I have heard others don't like it but you can't please everyone can you!). I quite often leave my hair to air dry and this product has left my hair soft as silk and dreamily shiny and frizz free without having to use ten thousand other products too. This has made me fall in love with my hair again and I feel like my hair loves me for using it.

The great thing is that I found this for just £6.94 on Amazon  and there is whole load of other products with the same ingredients, plus Shea Moisture have a whole host of other lines that are targeted to all hair types.

Give this post a read to see what other hair products I like to use to have a good hair day, everyday!

Do you like the sound of this shampoo?

24 April 2016

OOTD | Striped Linen

Stripes are classic and a stripey shirt has me hook line and sinker every single time. This linen pinstriped number from New Look is so casual, comfortable and lightweight paired with some jeans it's the perfect combo for this weather that can't make it's mind up. I'm not ready to bare the limbs just yet but I'm ready to ditch the black on black wardrobe.

Are you a fan of the stripes? 

21 April 2016

Beauty Lover Tag

Hi Lovelies! This week I was nominated to do the Beauty Lover Tag by the lovely Leanne at LPage Beauty, go check out her blog if you don't already follow her as it's amaaaazing for all things beauty! So I have wasted no time and here it is! 

If you could have anyone in the world do your makeup who would it be?

I have never had my make-up done by anyone before as I feel like I know how I like it. Not to say that other people wouldn't do it 100% better, but if I could have it done by anyone I'd love to have it done my Carli Bybel  , her make-up is always beyond flawless and she just seems so lovely that I'd love to have a chinwag whilst she tackled my face! 

Whats your makeup top tip?

I feel like this is the hardest question as I feel like i've learnt everything I know through blogs and youtube so I don't have any amazing flawless face making tip of my own! In terms of lipstick/gloss though I cannot go without my lip scrub, a good exfoliate before application makes it apply so much nicer and last a lot longer. Lush Lip Scrubs are my favourite. 

What Skincare Product could you not live without?

Facial Oil. Without a doubt! I cannot believe that before this year I shunned them due to having oily skin. Who knew that the best thing to tackle oil, was oil!?? My skin has been struggling through the ever changing weather at the minute and a good face oil night and day has been my saviour!! Pai Rosehip Oil is  my favourite for before bed! 

What are you worst at when it comes to applying makeup?

Eye Liner, eugh. To be honest I don't wear it a lot so this is probably the issue. I'm not god awful but as it's just not my thing it's not something i've practised and mastered yet! 

What's your biggest pet peeve about makeup?

I don't have a pet peeve per say as a massive pro about make-up is the freedom to do it how YOU want. However my own personal pet peeve about my own make-up is clumpy eyelashes!!! They hurt my soul. 

Whats your Guilty Pleasure Product?

As beauty lovers we all have more than we need of everything, but my skincare collection in general is ridiculous and is definitely something I can't help but browse when I go shopping. I struggling with acne a few years ago and even now it's completely sorted and I rarely even get a single spot I can't help but still be obsessed with all things skin!!

Whats your underdog product?

I really like the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Concealer. I forever hear bad reviews about this and its thick consistency, but a little under the eyes over my Maybelline Lumi Touch really covers any dark circles. 

Whats your favourite Makeup product of 2016?

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, sweet lord I love the stuff. I'm so glad I delved into drugstore foundations again for during the week, this one is amazing! 

I hope you all enjoyed this tag and if you did watch out for the gorgeous girls post's who i've nominated to do it next:

Jodie - Jodetopia
Lauren - Laurenashleigh

Until next time 


19 April 2016

Beauty | Real Technique Bold Metal Brush Dupes

Hi Lovelies! What is it about rose gold and metals that we've all gone bonkers about? My instagram feed is forever full of marble Macbooks sitting so pretty next to a rose gold pen pot and to be honest it's a cliché that I absolutely love.  It looks luxurious and I want it all, however luxury can sometimes come at a price and that's a price i'm not always willing to pay.

It was only a matter of time before everything in the beauty world became encased in silvers and golds and the Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection hit the shelves creating swoons left right and centre. Now I spend a lot of money on beauty products, guilty as charged, but as I already had most of the basic Real Techniques brushes in my collection I couldn't part with the price tag of nearly £20 per beautiful brush. I kept my eye out for offers but as nothing substantial ever came along I kind of gave up.

Tap in the wonder that is eBay.  Now I stick to my guns when it comes to buying certain items on eBay because they can sometimes be a little 'different' to what you expected, but i'd seen these brushes occasionally popping up on my Instagram and Bloglovin' Feeds and I thought I'd throw caution to the wind and take the plunge (this is about as exciting as my life gets btw).

£6.29 is what this brush set cost me. Six pounds and twenty nine pence. Individually priced at around £2, heck these brushes could of turned up with toothpicks for bristles and a tin foil handle and I'd of thought what the hell and found some strange use for them anyway.

The set includes a Triangle Foundation, Arched Powder, Flat Contour (what a babe this one is), Tapered Blush, Oval Shadow, Pointed Crease and Angled Liner Brush and holy moly they are the softest brushes I've ever had in my collection. I cannot even believe how great the quality of these beauties are. In the last three or so weeks of usage, there has been very little to no fall out, they apply your products just as well as my real versions and they just look beautiful (is that an okay word to use to describe a make-up brush? I'm gonna' anyway). I haven't yet washed these so I cannot comment but upon how well they've tackled everything else, my guess is they'll do just fine.

I obviously expect that real deal's are worth their money, but for a tiny tiny fraction of the price I highly recommend these lovelies as a cheap alternative if you don't want to part with your pennies!

Would you try these brushes?


17 April 2016

Wishlist | Trainers

Hi Lovelies! It has always been essential to me to have a good pair of trainers in my shoe collection. I am a massive fan of weekend walks and to be honest, being comfy. Now seems like the perfect time to be going on spring walks so trainers are the shoes I reach for most. I always have an extensive list of trainers I've eyed up whilst shopping for shoes for the boyfriend, so heres just a few:

What are you your favourite trainers? 


14 April 2016

Baking | Marshmallow Treats

Hi Lovelies! I actually made these easy no bake treats a couple of weeks ago now, but hadn't had the chance to put a post up about them! Introducing the messiest, stickiest, sweetest snack you could possibly ever make. Funfetti Marshmallow Popcorn Bars.

These are sooo easy to make and take around 20 mins, just make sure you aren't wearing anything you don't want sticky, I got this recipe from Life, Love and Sugar and mine maybe didn't look as cute but hey ho.

You will need:

10 oz of Mini Marshmallows
2 tbsp Butter
10 Cups Popcorn (salted)
5 oz of White Chocolate Chips


1. Grease up your baking tray, I lined mine with baking parchment to make sure I could lift them out with ease. 
2. Melt your marshmallows and butter over a medium heat. 
3. Once melted you should have a nice smooth consistency, add in your popcorn ans sprinkles bit by bit and gently fold it all in. 
4. Once well coated, pour it in to your baking tray and press into an even layer (the messy part, mine looked like a solo silly string party)
5. Melt your white chocolate and drizzle over in a nice criss cross pattern (or however you want)
6. Pop into the fridge or freezer, I left mine in the freezer for around 1 hour. 
7. Once nice and firm, cut into bars.

You can mix it up and use chocolate or food colouring to personalise your own marshmallow treats! 


12 April 2016

Beauty | Hair Favourites

Hi Lovelies! I've been at stage recently of hating my hair. We got to a good place me and the old wig, and then I don't know what happened. I've put it through a lot. Bleaching, bobs, highlights, the lot and here we are, out the other side without any bald patches, some would call that success, I however remain disappointed.

Now don't get me wrong it is in the best condition it has ever been in, but it's a little lack lustre and life is too short to not have hair like Chezza Cole straight off the L'oreal advert is it not? I think this is mainly to do with not actually doing anything with it. I want to have rapunzel hair for summer so the hair dryer and straighteners have been nestled a way in favour of au natural beachy waves, but when I've been leaving the house at 8 in the morning with soaking wet hair still; only to glance in the mirror come 11 o'clock and see what I can only describe as Hagrid's child, well you know it's not a good hair day is it?

So speaking of good hair days this is what I like to use to create mine (when I can actually be bothered).

I actually received this in my last Glossy Box and rest assured I will be re-purchasing. I like to use this if I'm going out, it creates volume without texture and as a girl who hates the whole back combing business but still loves volume, it's perfect. Ingredients such as Argan Oil and Shea Butter leave my hair SO soft but still ready to tackle some bouncy curls that will hold all night. 

If you are a fellow blondie you will know how important a weekly wash with this purple bottle of goodness is. Eliminating brassy tones and bringing out a fresh bright blonde, this is a fair haired girls power product. You can really tell the difference after just one wash, so for a spruce in between highlight sessions this is FAB. I'm actually thinking about going back to my roots (quite literally) and going to the dark side, but for now this is a weekly routine for me. 

Oh palmers, you fabulous brand. I recently ran out of my Milkshake Incredible Milk Leave in Conditioner and between sobs saw this beauty. We all know how great Manuka Honey is so it can't be bad for your hair right? It truly packs a softening punch with Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and of course Manuka Flower Honey which fights frizz and helps to improve hair and scalp health. It also smells lovely and does a great job at detangling. 

So after this post where I compared dry shampoos, I confirmed to my self, plus every one confirmed in the comments that Batiste was queen bee of the Dry Shampoo world. However I can't help myself can I and I had to try something different again. I feel like this performs just as well as Batiste but it's not as chalky, BINGO! Weightless, invisible and it smells great. 

How do you tackle a bad hair day? 


10 April 2016

OOTD | Spring Transition

Jumper - Bershka/Jeans - Boohoo/Shoes - New Look

Hi Lovelies! Spring is now here but can someone tell the weather!!?? I wan't to toss aside the tights and flash some flesh but unfortunately it's still purrreeettttyy cold in Manchester. However I'm over my winter wardrobe so step by step I'm trying to introduce some skin for spring.

I'm in love with these cropped frayed jeans,  a little ankle paired with a jumper for warmth, I felt a little less winter but still snug.

How are you getting ready for spring? 


7 April 2016

Wishlist | L'Occitane Fragrance

Hi lovelies! You may have realised by now if you read my blog, that I love a good wishlist. At the minute I'm saving to move out and for summer (holiday's etc) so a girl has to dream and spend all her time on line window shopping.

I had been planning a fragrance wishlist, as of course our scent shelves needs to be updated with fresh new Spring fragrances; and strangely about an hour later up popped an email from L'Occitane asking whether I would be interested in looking at their Fragrance Collection. I think every blogger I know is so fond of L'Occitane and it's perfectly pretty packaging and having smelt some of their scents before I thought what better time to do it then now.

So like the good little blogger that I am off I popped to do some research (definitely no shopping) at The Trafford Centre. Now I well and truly planned to just feature my favourite L'Occitane Fragrance amongst some other spring time picks from different brands, but having been and had a good sniff of them all, I think (and this is absolutely my own opinion and not due to this being a sponsored post) that they have the perfect selection for your spring perfume wardrobe all in one place.  So i'm gon' tell you about my favourites...

The first is the Neroli & Orchidee (Orange Blossom and Orchid) Eau de Toilette, and this was definitely my favourite. It is part of their 'La Collection de Grasse' and is just the perrrrrfect spring scent. It is such a delicate and soft floral and fruity scent with citrus and orchid, which is not normally something I would go for, but this one still has substance whilst remaining light and fresh, the perfect blend.

My next favourite and another of their La Collection de Grasse collection is the Vanilla and Narcisse. Who doesn't like the smell of Vanilla?! I find it so feminine and timeless so I knew before I even smelt it that I would love this.  It has a warm and spicy edge to this so don't pass this off as a sweet and sickly scent because it certainly isn't! Body milks, candles and all sorts of other lovelies are also available for each scent in this collection which is amazing! I'll definitely be purchasing the matching Body Milk to which scent I choose to increase it's longevity.

My last choice and is a firm spring fragrance which again I find timeless is Rose. The Rose et Reines Fragrance is SO perfect for this transition period to spring and summer and is so popular right now. The bottle is adorable (as they all are) and with four varieties of rose and a woody undertone of white cedar this still remains floral and light with a slight kick.

Have you tried any of the L'Occitane Fragrances? x

5 April 2016

Beauty | Pamper Night

Hi Lovelies! I just want to start this off by saying that this post is not sponsored by The Body Shop... I'm just a TBS hoarder and nothing screams pamper night like their Spa of the World Range (c'mon spa is even in the friggin name!!)

These products are my absolute FAVE for a once a week luxurious night of relaxation. I say once a week because they aren't the cheapest, but also because they really are so gorgeous on the skin and really leave you feeling like a pampered princess. I think that it is so important to allow yourself some 'me time' we all need it and this is how I like to spend mine.

Reaching first for the Spa of The World Egyptian Milk and Honey Bath I run myself a hot bath and load in around 5 heaped scoops. This stuff is so incredible. I am a big lover of Lush and if I have a bath bomb to hand I spend about ten minutes doing the ip dip do before I can decide on which bath product to go for, but when I use this I never regret it. It creates this lovely milky bath of moisturising goodness that has such a delicate and relaxing scent that nearly sends me to sleep. Using this alone makes my skin so soft and has lasted me quite a while!

The next thing is essential for me as a fake tan lover. A good weekly scrub. I use the African Ximenia Scrub, I have already spoken of this product a while ago and it's still my favourite ever for getting rid of any last bits of pesky fake tan and getting it ready for a new layer of the stuff. The scrub itself is rough enough to really exfoliate the skin, but not enough to cause a rash and take 5 layers of your poor flesh off. So perfect if you're a St Tropez lover like myself. It contains Ximenia Oil from Namibia which leaves the skin so moisturised without a greasy residue. It again has a really delicate scent which isn't overpowering and is so relaxing. What more could you ask for.

Lastly, and oooooh mama did I save the best till last. I have of course spoken about this before because it is my one true love and if they ever discontinue it I might die. The Japanese Camellia Cream. Oh sweet lord the scent is something else. It is so thick and creamy but not greasy; it leaves my skin feeling so soft and luxurious and I can smell it for hours after. If you want a luxurious body cream thats a lil expensive but won't break the bank look no further. I hop out of the bath slather this everywhere and then bask in the sweet scent as I climb into bed. Heavenly.

Have you tried any of these products?  


3 April 2016

OOTD | Casual Saturday

Hi Lovelies!

Today's post is a little OOTD. I wish I was one of those bloggers who dressed like they were shooting an out there outfit post everyday, sadly I'm not. I work in an office 9-5 and spend my weekends drinking too much cider, having pub lunches and taking the dogs for a walk in the mud and rain. That kind of lifestyle doesn't really require outfits straight off the catwalks at LFW. Anyway I wanted to do a casual outfit of the day post and this is my typical weekend outfit, maybe sub the ankle boots for my walking boots and we're good to go.

You can't beat a pair of black jeans, I have quite often been wearing boyfriend jeans at the moment (as mentioned in this post) but sometimes skinnies never fail and this New Look pair have stayed blacker than black and super skinny which is what we all want from our jeans.

A simple top or jumper is always my go to, and this grey wrap top is from Boohoo, I love this because it's not too plain, but it's still casual and perfect for everyday. The wrap detail makes it versatile and I've been wanting to pair this with a bralet to make it a little more dressy.

Of course I rarely leave the house without my trusty Warehouse Leather Biker Jacket (post here) it's so warm and a good leather jacket will look great with all of your casual outfits and never goes out of style!

Whats your everyday uniform?