31 March 2016

Lifestyle | 3 Happy Things

Hi Lovelies, this week has had me thinking about the things that I am so grateful for. In the past few weeks my life got real, real fast, like 0-100 nearly lost all my hair to stress in the space of 3 weeks fast. The reason for the chaos is not something I particularly feel like sharing, maybe one day, but you'll be glad to know (or maybe your're not, boo you) that I made it through and things have settled and are looking up for me and my family.

When something bad happens in your life, something that can really shake you up and terrify you , it makes you think about all the things you could potentially lose and that you have and take for granted (I don't mean like the memes on insta when you think back to when you could breathe freely when your nose is blocked). So over the Easter weekend I took a little time to think about the things, however small and insignificant that make me happy, especially at this time of year.


Yea you heard me, daylight, beautiful, beautiful natural light. There is something that really calms me and sets me up nicely for the day when I wake up to sunlight streaming through my curtains and the birds tweeting away. Working 9-5 means that throughout winter I can merely admire it through the window, because every hour that I'm not working during the week, is in darkness. meh. Also the joy of being able to photograph whenever I bloody want! THE JOY.

Summer Planning

I have just been dragging my arse through the cold weeks lusting over summer clothes and warm beaches, the thought of summer is carrying me through. I have a ten day holiday to Portugal booked with Ryan for July and I CANNOT WAIT. Ryan really wanted to go somewhere neither of us had been before, the only place both of us had been was Morocco so at first it seemed a nice idea and easily done, however I had quite a blessed childhood really (thanks dad you angel) and got to see a lot of places. So maybe it wasn't so easy. After a lot of discussion we decided on somewhere I had been before. Portugal. I think there is something quite nice and re-assuring about knowing what to expect when you've spent so much money on a holiday and I love everything about Portugal and I know Ryan will too. Summer also brings with it my birthday and the big 22 which I'm oddly excited about turning. 


We've always had a dog as a family and I am such an animal lover no matter what animal it is. So for my 21st Birthday I asked for a Pomeranian, I paid over half for her so it was more of a 'can I have another dog in the house' for my birthday kinda thing and it was the best thing I ever did. As Lulu is my dog I've built such a bond with her that she is literally like my child. She goes bonkers when I leave her (even to go for a bath, jeez) and the happiness she displays when I get home from work is just the cutest thing you have ever seen. She goes everywhere with me and I think I am now officially Pom obsessed. I NEED 5 MILLION OF THE FLUFF BALLS.

What has been making you happy recently?


29 March 2016

Beauty | Recent Favourites

Hi Lovelies! I realised that I haven't sat down and thought about my favourite beauty products that I've been using day in day out for a while. So today that's what I did. These are the four products that I have been reaching for everyday and really enjoying and they deserve a lil recognition you know.

The first is the Lee Stafford Sea Salt Spray. I have been making a conscious effort at the minute to not use a lot of heat on my hair (I need rapunzel hair for summer and I won't stop until I have it), so during the week this is my saviour. If you've used some Lee Stafford Products before then girrrrrlll you'll know exactly how good they smell and this one is no exception! I hateeeee how some 'beach waves' hair sprays make your hair feel and I end up like Hagrid by day two but this is just perfect. A little texture but not too much and my hair looks tousled and beach babe worthy.

The next is the Power Pout Glaze by MUA. I actually got this in my Glossy Box in the colour Rapture and I LOVE it. As I have previously said, contrary to the rest of the worlds obsession, I'm not a matte lip lover.  Give me a nice gloss any day of the week please. This one comes in a handy lil twist pen type applicator with a brush and the colour is like a lovely natural 'my lips but better' I am obsessed. Also it's £3.50, YES £3.50.

My third favourite is an old favourite of all of ours I think, going back to days of Dream Matte Mousse and the like, however I think this is the one product I used in high school that I can safely say was not a big no no. Bourjois' Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder but this time with little 'specs of sunshine' in the form of shimmer. I have been loving this for an everyday natural look to add a bit of  life into my face and have me feeling more 'spring' and definitely ready for summer.

Finally the Naked Smoky Palette. I don't even need to say a lot about this because it's been everywhere hasn't it? I was a little scared to use it and I can't lie and say I've gone mad for a dark smoky eye, because I haven't. But it's my first Naked Palette and it's just so so gorgeous! I've been using this all the time and the shades are so pigmented and creamy and really last!

What products have been your favourites recently? 


27 March 2016

Wishlist | Spring Wardrobe

 Hi Lovelies! As last weeks post was about what shoes my feet are dreaming of for the Spring, I thought I better follow it up with some clothes to go with the shoes... because, you know clothes are mandatory and all that. Soooo as the weather gets warmer I am just getting more and more excited about getting to show some skin and get the spring wardrobe out; and heres what I want to be wearing.

Whats on your Spring Wardrobe Wishlist? 


24 March 2016

Instagram | My Favourite Photo Editing Apps

Hi Lovelies! I thought I would do a little post about how I edit my Instagram photos, this is not a 'my Instagram is fabulous so heres how I get it that way', it's more of a I really like the Apps I use so if you're looking for some new Apps to try out, this is a post for you my dears.

I am now fully obsessed with Instagram and kind of naughtily neglect Twitter, but it has taken me a while to get the stage of developing some kind of 'theme' for my feed and BOIII was it stressful. I still have days where I post something that fucks it all up, but you know life goes on (kind of, I do have a mini meltdown for 5 seconds). Anyhuuuu lets talk about my three fave apps to get my photos Insta Ready.


What I want to know, is what the hell I did before I found this app!?? I tried VSCO and didn't really like it that much, and this kind of has a similar vibe in the way that you can purchase different filter packages so I don't know why I didn't gel with VSCO. You can forget Valencia that shit is old news girl, get yourself this app and enjoy hundreds of gorgeous filters. My favourite packages are Airy, for which I use Snowcone on ALL of my flat lay photos (it makes them bright, white and all pinterest worthy) and I also like Blush as that has some perfect filters for my selfies.  You can also do all of your other standard editing like cropping and messing with the exposure.


I haven't been using this as much recently, but regardless it's still a great App. You can use a selective tool to brighten tiny sections of your photo whilst keeping the rest as it is, which is soo handy! I use this to make sure my photos don't have any shadows or little dark patches without having to brighten the whole photo too much and ending up with a bad quality photo. I found this so helpful through the dark winter months when there wasn't a lot of natural light to work with!


Last but not least I use this App to add a border round all of my photos. I've gone for the standard square photo look with my feed, so this adds a thin white border around all of my photos which I think has really pulled my Instagram together. You can also use this app to create collages as they have tons of frames to work with!

What are you favourite apps?


22 March 2016

Beauty | Acne Ultra Clear

Hi Lovelies! The weather recently in Manchester has been confusing the hell out of me, one week its snowing the next week I can venture outdoors without 9000 layers and 15 pairs of tights on.

This obscene weather has made my skin go crackers so when I received an email from The Acne Ultra Clear team asking whether I would like to try their all natural day and night moisturiser I couldn't say no. Now this cream is obviously directed at problematic skin and acne, which to be honest at the moment I don't have. I suffered from very bad skin around two years ago, mainly due to drinking a lot of Whey Protein, which broke me out into cystic acne. Two years on and one year on Co-Cyprindol (a contraceptive pill) I don't get any spots at all. This being the case, I very nearly turned down the opportunity at first glance as it seemed like something I don't need, however let me assure you, you needn't have acne to reap the benefits from this moisturiser.

Now the packaging may be a downfall for this product (having ACNE in big letters across the box and pot) as I personally wouldn't have looked at it if I had passed it in Boots, however having said that if I had troublesome skin it would draw me in immediately. The ingredients are what make the little pot of goodness worth your time no matter what type of skin you have. The product's ingredients are 100% natural and include the likes of Coconut Oil and Beeswax and there are no artificial colours or any of that bad stuff. Now you don't have to be a genius to realise that a moisturiser containing ingredients such as these is going to pack a right hydrating punch, and you aren't wrong girl.
Upon opening the pot I could tell how thick it was going to be and the scent is slightly 'Cinammony' but being a fan of Cinnamon myself, I quite like it. A little goes a long way with this stuff and it really leaves your skin feeling so hydrated! It sinks in and leaves no greasy feeling behind. I've used this morning and night for the past two weeks and I LOVE it, it's been great at tackling any dry patches the cold weather has caused and really reduced any redness.

Overall I absolutely love this is a standard every day moisturiser, it's made my skin so much softer and plump and not to mention my make-up application much smoother and I really like that it is all natural so I know that I'm not putting any bad stuff on to my skin. You can purchase this over at Amazon for £15.99.

If you're looking for a new moisturiser I definitely recommend this one! Especially to help your skin as the weather decides what to do with itself!!

Do you like the sound of this product?

20 March 2016

Footwear | Spring Shoe Wishlist

Shirt Dress-New Look/Wedges-Very/ Bag-Glamorous 

Hi Lovelies! I don't know about you but I am soooooo over boots and tights right now, give me pastel heeled sandals and tanned leggys everywhere please!  In the winter I love my boots, but I am definitely a sandal girl. Last year I lived in flip flops until about October and I only stopped wearing them because Ryan made me after I fell down the tiled stairs at his old apartment (apparently flip flops and rain don't mix well, did you know that!?). Spring is practically here and I have been on the hunt for the perfect spring and summer shoe, ones that are great for both day and night with the right outfits and I think I've found some winners!

From left to right:

Top Three all Asos:

What are you favourite spring shoes? 


17 March 2016

GIVEAWAY | CaseApp Laptop Skins and Phone Cases

My Instagram is forever over flowing with MacBook's and Iphone's dressed in Marble, sitting amidst an unmade bed that don's crisp white sheets in all white room. Oh the life of being one big Blogger cliché ey. I am so very guilty of quite a lot of these and to be honest who doesn't enjoy marble, it's fabulous darlings. Anyway I recently bought a Macbook, because welcome to 2016 Shay and all that and it was of course just not sassy enough for Instagram or Pinterest yet.

Introducing CaseApp. I so fortunately received an email asking whether I would like to design/choose a case or skin and review it here. Of course I squealed, said yes and then spent an hour trying to choose between pink marble or black and white (first world problems right there).  After the choice just got too much for me to handle I decided I'd have a little go at a personalised one. I'm not going to lie I was feeling a little lazy about designing my own but the website and design section is SO easy to navigate and I created this cute little pink sweet treat skin for my Macbook in no time at all (it took me a while to choose this also though) and I am so obsessed with it!

The Skins start at around £22 and Cases at around £19, but after browsing for a skin prior to this opportunity I feel like that is about on the mark in terms of price. The quality is amazing and I was half expecting it to maybe be a little grainy in terms of the graphic I had chosen but no it's just perfect!

It came quickly, it was so easy to apply (none of this bubble nonsense) and will definitely not budge unless I want it to!

If you are wanting to make your phone or laptop Instagram worthy then you can enter my Giveaway below to win a code for a free Phonecase or Laptop Skin, I unfortunately can't help you on the white bedsheets and room side of things... soz. The one condition is that you follow CaseApp on Instagram, I swear their feed is so Pinterestable, so go go go! The giveaway will be ending at midnight on the 24th March! 

You can also use the code SHAY20CA for 20% off!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck Lovelies!

15 March 2016

Beauty | Make Up Revolution Highlight Palette

 Hi Lovelies! Today's post is all about this lovely little Make-Up Revolution Palette. I never really cared too much for highlighters, I mean I've had a few but they've never become a staple in my routine. Last year has seen everyone and anyone lose their shit over them, so you know I thought best see what all the real fuss is about and get myself some sparkly cheekbones. Anywhooo I wasn't prepared to splurge massively, girls got holidays and houses to save for, but when I saw this palette it is definitely the girl on a budgets dream so I didn't even think twice about it.

Make-Up Revolution is one of my favourite budget brands, not only are they purse friendly but I really feel like they are such good quality for the price so it's a big win win all round. This Highlight Palette caught my eye straight away as the shades are so bright and glowy with a little bit of sparkle, but not too much, and the lilac shade is not one I had seen before. The packaging is sturdy and has a big mirror which would be perfect to throw in your bag for everyday check ups and when I swatched this in the shop it was really pigmented and lovely. I am pleased to say it performs just as well when used properly.

Now I am, like I said no Highlighter expert and I don't have any idea what the more high end highlighter palettes are like, but I have really been enjoying this one! I have the Watts Up Highlighter Stick from Benefit and the Liquid Highlight from Soap and Glory and I kind of tossed them to the bottom of my make-up bag as I found them A) really hard to blend and B) just a bit weh, this of course could be me just not using them properly or them just not being for me, other people may love them.

This palette has found it's way to the top of my make-up bag and has been getting quite a lot of use. I have been loving the first white highlight shade for the inner corners of my eyes and my brow bone and the lilac shade has been looking lovely on my cheek bones and nose for nights out to create a shimmery healthy glow. The Pink shade is definitely suited with a bronzed make-up look and I can't wait to use this in the summer with a real tan! Overall for £8 I can't seem to fault it and as far as my first baked highlighters go I am very impressed! If you are wanting an affordable Highlighter Palette, I would recommend this one!

What is your favourite highlighting product?

13 March 2016

Outfit Post | Am I Over The Skinny Jean?

Hi Lovelies! The last year or so my interest in fashion has definitely grown. This is not to say my wardrobe now resembles the pages of Vogue but considering you'd never of got me out of a pair of skinny jeans and a jumper a few years ago, I'd like to say I'm a lil more adventurous. This past year I have just become denim obsessed. I bought 3 pairs of flares in the same month at one point and it seems that the leggings and skinny jeans have really taken a back seat.

Boyfriend Jeans have fast become my one true love. Long gone are the days when leggings and skinnies were the only option; and baggy jeans!? Eugh please don't talk stupid. However after buying my first black pair of boyfriend jeans last year and now this little beaut pair, they've become the jeans that I reach for nearly every time.

This pair in particular aren't too baggy as I got them in a size 6 and I like them this way, but maybe that's because i'm still transitioning from my skinny, so tight if I make an sudden movements we'll have an accident jeans so y'know maybe I'm not fully over them just yet.

I got these from Missguided and I also have a pair from Boohoo and I am just in love!

Whats your verdict on Boyfriend Jeans?

10 March 2016

Instagram Lately | A Look At My Favourites

Hi Lovelies! Around a month ago now (AS IF it's March already) I was going away for Valentines and didn't have time (poor scheduling on my part) to put my usual outfit post up, so instead I did a post on my favourites via Instagram, you can read that here. Any huuuu, turns out I quote enjoyed looking back through my own Instagram and thinking about my favourite things that made it on there, so I'm gon' make it a regular thing here on my little space of the internet if that's alright. Without further ado here are my Insta Faves:

#1 Pai Roeship Oil

I think every blogger has raved about this! I use this every other night, massaging it gently into my face and it does absolute wonders for my skin! It feels soft and looks hydrated and plump, not to mention this stuff is said to do great things for spots and blemishes! I can seriously tell the difference on the nights when I don't use this.

#2 Getting ready for Summer

Summer is a comin' ladies and gents whether we are ready or not. I have quite a good diet and exercise routine but a little teatox never hurt anyone (I don't think...) and I feel it's a great way to kick start a healthy routine. I love this one as after just a few days of use I feel energised and less bloated and not to mention it tastes pretty great! I picked this 28 day cleanse up from Waistshaper UK for just £20.99! Get it whilst the offer lasts!!

#3 My Boyfriend

Cringin'ell I know and I'm sorry for making some of you sick, but I don't talk about him that much on here and he's a big part of my life that I can't not share occasionally okay!? Me and Ryan sat opposite each other at my old job for nearly two years, both had other partners at some point which we were of course loyal too and focused on but always got on so well and never thought that much of it. It's so strange how I was around someone who was so similar to me day after day without realising it and then one day something just clicked; and now we finish each others sentences and spend all our time together in fits of laughter. He's just the sweetest thing ever and there's nothing he wouldn't do for me; and in a kind of bittersweet sense it's shown me why my other relationships didn't work out and that something great can be sat right in front of you without you even knowing it. Working full time and blogging takes a lot of my time and not only does he listen to me waffle about my favourite posts and blog ideas but he takes all my outfit photos and genuinely sits and reads every single post no matter what they are about (I know this because he'll email me at work with grammar and spelling changes all the time oops). I know you'll be reading this and still correcting the grammar (little shit) but you are a lil diamond.

#4 Boyfriend Jeans
Move over skinny jeans my hearts drifted elsewhere. I am so obsessed with these ripped boyfriend jeans from Missguided. They are so comfortable and go with everything and I just can't stop wearing them! There's a new post coming on Sunday all about my love of the Boyfriend Jean. Keep your eyes peeled!

#5 Spring Walks

I love walks all year round, but a crisp, blue skied spring morning seems all that more appealing to go walking in. I find that a good ol trip into the park really clears my mind and lets me relax (not to mention it's great exercise). I can't wait for warm spring and summer days where me and Ryan can get a blanket and go into Tatton Park and just let go of any weekly stress. The cold days have not been stopping us though and it's fast become my favourite thing to do at the weekend.

Do you follow me on Instagram yet?

8 March 2016

Beauty | Battle of the Dry Shampoo's

Hi Lovelies! As a 9-5 girl who's all about trying to grow out their hair and keep it healthy, you'll feel me when I say my hair is 95% dry shampoo at all times. I try to wash my hair 2-3 times a week, preferably two, so I have an absolute panic attack/bitch fit when I don't have dry shampoo handy. I think most of us are the same and therefore with the popularity of the good ol hair wash in a can ever growing, more and more brands are jumping on the bandwagon and trying to push Batiste off their throne.

Every month when the time to buy a new one rolls around, I stand in Boots scratching my head and looking at the variety of coloured tins and different scents and it kinda hurts my brain (indecisive girl problems). I've tried a couple now so I wanted to give you a little review and comparison post about them, so here goes.

Herbal Essences Uplifting Volume - The one that looks good 

This is the one I reach for a lot these days. As always with Herbal Essences it smells great and really does what it says on the tin and adds volume. However with Volume comes texture and this might just be me, but I can't stand how this makes my hair feel! If I'm going to wear my hair up then this is perfect as it creates thickness that will stay in place and look really fresh, but if my hairs down I cringe when I touch near the roots. Seriously chalky! If I could just stop touching my hair throughout the day this would be a winner as it really makes your hair look great and adds a great workable texture.

Aussie Flower Power Dry Shampoo - The one that smells good 

This is my most recent dry shampoo purchase and I can't lie, I bought it because it was on offer. Aussie has never let any of us down I don't think, but I am seriously disappointed. This smells great kind of like Peach Schnapps which lingers in your hair which is lovely, but in terms of performance as a dry shampoo, I feel like it didn't add any volume or thickness and within a couple of hours my hair was looking greasy again. I had high hopes for an Aussie Dry Shampoo and I have yet to try the others so hopefully only this limited edition version is a bit shit, or maybe it's just me. I could definitely use this as a hair perfume though as it does smell amazing! 

Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo - The all rounder

For me you just can't beat Batiste. It smells great, adds volume without too much of a chalky texture that's visible in the roots and makes your hair look and feel great. Plus they are constantly reeling out new fragrances and styles (including different colours for different hair) all in the cutest tins with different sizes suitable for travelling and all sorts so keep your eyes peeled! For now Batiste still sit on the throne for me!

What is your favourite dry shampoo? 

6 March 2016

Accessories | Glasses

Hi Lovelies! It wasn't until about September last year that I needed glasses. I've worked in an office for a few years now and the constant computer use (and online shopping) has now resulted in me needing glasses for work. So bearing in mind that I work 9-5, Monday to Friday that's a big chunk of my life that require's good ol' specs.

Now I don't know whether any of you have had an eye test lately, but back in Autumn when I had mine they put some drops in my eyes that quite literally turned me blind for the day. The day that I was also required to choose my new glasses. FAB, good work there, well done and all that. Luckily I had Ryan with me, who pretty much chose them for me. I (he) went for some light brown, Ray Ban style glasses, you know the kind that most people wear these days; and I do like them. However after a few months, I got a little bored.

After browsing many websites, looking at the hefty price tags of most eye wear these days and just not really coming across anything that was much different to the glasses I already had, I received an email from Firmoo. I had previously heard of this company as my sister had bought some glasses a few years ago from there but they had completely slipped my mind when it came to my searching online. Hallelujah the lord of the specs (Firmoo) had seen my struggle (first world problems) and gifted me with the opportunity of choosing a pair of their glasses.

This is a big thing if you, like me need glasses. They are on your face, all the time so I just can't emphasise enough how excited I was at getting a new pair that I loved and Firmoo have SO MANY great frames to chose from. They have every frame you could possibly want including an extensive sunglasses range all so reasonably priced which was what had made my search so irritating and unsuccessful before.

I went for these clear frames which, as opposed to my big chunky previous ones, was a bold choice but it felt like a no brainer. I didn't like how my whole face felt pretty much covered by my glasses and these are just so simple but yet so different to any glasses I had seen before. The whole process of making sure the frames were right for me was so simple and I had my order completed in minutes.

My glasses arrived promptly given that they were shipped from the US, along with a really sturdy case and cloth and they are SO comfortable! I cannot fault them, they look and feel strong and of good quality and for the price ($27) I seriously can not complain. I really highly recommend Firmoo if you are feeling a little bored of your glasses and want to up your eye wear game or simply have a choice when it comes to your glasses.

They ship to the UK for free if your glasses are over $55 (around £40) otherwise normal shipping charges apply, however this still added up much cheaper than other websites I had previously looked at.

Would you wear glasses like these?

3 March 2016

Wishlist | March

Hi Lovelies! March is here and with it came pay day! eeee. I (like every other Blogger, girl, human) out there have a prettttty bad shopping addiction, but I have to say I have been doing pretty well. I've had to sit myself down and slap my own wrist into curbing my spending,as a mortgage (bleugh) has to now come first. I am one of what seems like a very small percentage of people who isn't interested in packing my bags and travelling the world at 21. Don't get me wrong I want to see it, but I don't need to do it all at once. I had a pretty blessed childhood and got to see many different places with my family and now what I want more than anything in the whole entire world is my own house. So having said all that, eyeshadow has to be filed under 'you don't need four palettes a month girl', but it doesn't mean I can't dream right?

So without further a do here is this months (smaller than usual) wishlist:

How gorgeous are these! The boots can now be launched to the back of my wardrobe, toes welcome back. Spring is here! 

I'm sorry if this is TMI but I really just can't wear chunky bras any more.I have such a love for these dainty and feminine lacy numbers and With Love Lily has the most gorgeous ones to choose from! I can't wait to add a couple to my collection. 

Lush Seasonal Products, whether its Halloween or Valentines Day they are just amazing and Easter is no exception. 

It's like Nars and Charlotte Tilbury combined. The gold packaging, the beautiful nudes and the chance to use something that makes Rosie look like Rosie, SIGN ME UP. 

This was on my last wishlist and its still here as it will be until I can afford to splash out on one. sob. 

What's on your wishlist this month? 

1 March 2016

Beauty | My Favourite Eyelashes

Hi Lovelies! I was toying with a few different products for todays post as I wasn't sure I could write a lot about eyelashes, however I came to the realisation that these are actually one of my favourite finds ever; and when I found that a few of my colleagues, friends and family had never seen them before I thought well then this just has to be something I share right?!

Do you know how many years I have spent cutting eyelashes in half, throwing almighty bitch fits when I couldn't get them to sit right and the amount of times timehop has disgusted me with pictures of me at Birdcage in Manchester with what looked like spiders hanging from my eyes? A lot. I was not blessed with gorgeous big cat eyes, instead I have big ol round ones (not that there is anything wrong with that of course, I love them now I know what suits me) but of course I always tried to stick on big long eyelashes, no girl, JUST NO. This is not what us round eyed folk should do. Cue years of spending hours trimming eyelashes and 4 times out of 10 fucking a brand new pair up.

Anywaaaaaayy cue these beauties, I cannot get enough of them. The gorgeous Fleur de Force teamed up with Eylure to make some of the most gorgeous and natural looking lashes i've ever seen. This particular pair - Fleur Loves Lashes are 3/4 in length and are beautifully natural with a fullness to the outer edge. They have me looking all cat eyed like the Kardashians and they are a DREAM to apply. They require no trimming and they DON'T require a shit ton of eyeliner to blend them in, plus my first pair lasted me a good few nights out! (Just don't fall asleep in them) These are the perfect natural looking lash.

I am so happy that I finally found the perfect lash for my eye shape, and heres a few pictures of me wearing them! If you follow me on social media you'll know I am so partial to a selfie... oops.

Have you tried these out yet?