23 February 2016

Beauty | Hair Routine

Hi Lovelies! I am a big lover of Lush Hair Products as we all know; and they have been my complete hair care routine for the past few months, you can read my post about my previous hair care routine with Lush HERE. However in December after a recommendation from a friend which I mentioned in my Instagram Round-up Post, I decided to give my hair a real treat and dig into my purse (soz bank account) and switch up my routine. Here's how it's lookin' now:

My first step is the Kerastase Resistance Bain Force Architecte Shampoo. It's for weak, brittle, dry and damaged hair, which to be honest with you (and not to blow my own hair trumpet) my hair wasn't in a bad condition at all, but I figured it can always be better right? The reviews for this stuff claim it works absolute wonders for your hair. This shampoo strengthens and reconstructs and has a powerful trio of Intra-Cylane, Ceraminde R and Pro-Keratin, helping you have a good hair day every day.  I had really gotten used to and loved how natural the Lush products were, however my hair is in the best condition of it's life after a  month of using this! It's shiny, soft and so manageable!

The next thing I use and this is seriously my one true love being nearly on to my third tub, is the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment .  This product works on the premise that for your hair to grow it needs to be healthy right down to the root, it's motto being 'if the earth's not nourished, you'll never grow beautiful flowers'. Cue an image of flowers sprouting from your head. After shampooing I massage this into the roots and leave for around 5 minutes. This stuff smells incredible, if you have used any Lee Stafford Products you will know what I mean. Oohh baby. I cannot tell you how much my hair has grown in the past few months as opposed to how slow it used to grow. Now I eat healthy, exercise try to have my 5 a day and drink enough water etc etc which all plays a massive part too, but on top of all that if you hair isn't growing and you don't want to fork out a small fortune on a hair serum then please please please try this!

Finally after being in the shower for about half an hour already I use the Kerastate Resistance Ciment Anti-Usure - Vita Ciment Advance. Yeah try and ask for that in a shop, I dare you. This is again a treatment, and I know what you're all thinking; and no, two treatments don't leave my hair greasier than a deep fat fryer and no it isn't too much (for me anyway). I try to avoid the lengths of hair with the Lee Stafford Treatment so this little beauty looks after those for me. It again is targeted at weak and brittle hair and works to re-build the hairs fibres and seal in renewed strength. It instructs you to apply this to towel dried hair, but really, ain't nobody got time for that. I definitely just ring out my hair a little, smother this all over and leave for 2 minutes before giving my hair a really good rinse.

Now onto dealing with my hair post shower. If you haven't tried the Milk_Shake Incredible Milk Leave In Conditioner then I just don't even know what to say. It smells amazing number one. Detangles like an absolute pro and does about nine thousand other things which I spoke about months ago in this post  that your hair NEEDS and I really mean needs. I cannot believe I ever even put a tangle teezer through my knotty wet locks before using this godsend product.

Finally; and this is a relatively new product that I am loving is the Palmers Strong Roots Spray. I feel like I needn't say anything about this product other than the fact that it has Pure Coconut Oil in it, because that alone makes it obviously amazing for your hair and will probably heal a bullet wound also. It also contains Peppermint to stimulate the scalp and leave your hair smelling so fresh and Eucalyptus to soothe any tightness, a perfect trio to finish off with.

I like to leave my hair to just dry naturally when I can so this is where my routine ends!

What are your favourite hair products and have you tried any of these?



  1. Definitely trying the Kerastase Resistance range - my hair can be so brittle and delicate :( xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  2. It is so so good! So glad I tried it! xx

  3. Nice post!!!


  4. That palmer's root spray and that hair growth treatment sound interesting.


  5. I haven't tried Keratese before apart from in salons. My hair falls out loads so now Im thinking whether the Palmers strong roots spray will help with that too :)

    Velvet Blush

    1. I love the root spray! Feels so so nice on my scalp! x

  6. I haven't tried any of these but I do have the palmers leave in conditioner and I love it! That too contains coconut oil and its so lightweight but keeps my hair less frizzy and soft too ^_^

    Iqra | The Blushing Giraffe

    1. I love Palmers! I think I have one of their leave in conditioners too and it's good! x

  7. I need to try the Palmers Strong Root spray it sounds so good!

    Lauren Ashleigh xx