28 February 2016

Jewellery | Gemporia

Until about two years ago I was never a big jewellery fan. I'd wear the odd necklace for a night out or a pair of earrings for a day or two, but they would always end up irritating me. That was until my nan bought me the prettiest gold ring that I refused to ever take off. Since then she also gave me one of her own rings; and I guess they have become so special to me that I have never been able to take them off since. After that my love and appreciation for a nice piece of jewellery has gotten stronger to  the point where I am today, where I could never leave the house without my three rings, a necklace and earrings.

I was recently contacted by Gemporia, a jewellery brand who believe that beautiful and unique pieces don't have to cost the earth or be mass produced. Each made in limited runs using only genuine gemstones and precious metals, theres something that I love about having something the whole world can't have. They asked me to pick something that I loved and believe me it took me an AGE to do so. They have so many gorgeous things to choose from that after pulling my hair out (indecisive person problems) I finally settled on a necklace.

I chose this cute little silver pearl necklace which has cat ears! Have you ever seen anything so adorable? I had never seen one like it and I just thought it was so feminine and classic with such  a cute twist of the cat ears. The necklace is gorgeous and beautifully made and this will be one that I will be keeping on for the foreseeable future! I highly recommend Gemporia if you are looking for quality unique jewellery at a reasonable price, you won't be disappointed.

Are you a jewellery fan? x

25 February 2016

Lifestyle | My Favourite Ways to Work Out at Home

Hi Lovelies, we are nearly in March, so technically the winter stretch is almost over. Well... it should be, but if you were to try and tell me that when I'm de-icing my car at half 5 in the morning to go to the gym before work,  I'd probably hit you with whatever item of choice I was using that morning to scrape away the ice from my windscreen. It's still ridiculously cold in Manchester meaning my motivation is still ridiculously low, all I want to do at the minute is crawl into bed when I get home with a hot cup of tea and watch re-runs of The Hills; and it is draining my soul bit by bit every time I drag myself up for an early gym session. However needs must and exercise, whatever your choice must be done my lovelies! Sooo having said all that I have found working out at home just as efficient for me at the minute and it doesn't require a pep talk beforehand (well not all the time).

I am quite fortunate to have a workout space up in our attic which has been converted into a small gym room (plus my dads dartboard), but any space where you can move freely and have space to do basic exercises without trashing the place will do. Today I wanted to share with you my favourite fitness sources which help keep my eating and exercise on track. 

Sworkit - App Store

I have spoke of  my love for this app in one of my very first blog posts and it's still up there. With a range of workouts from Pilates to Core Circuits to choose from you can personalise your workout to fit with your end goal, whether that be for weight loss or to gain strength or just to tone up for the summer. You can also easily adjust the length of your workout so that you can fit in 15 minutes when that's all you have spare. It guides you through your workout with videos which can be paused or skipped for exercises that you don't know how to do and I love being able to control what your workout consists of. 

My Fitness Pal - App Store

I'm a person that has to be able to look at my progress visually and be able to monitor it. If I have a week where I haven't logged anything that I've ate for example then I feel a little out of control of my diet. This may obviously seem a little OCD but it works for me because having to write down that Cream Éclair I ate at lunch when I got up early to make myself a fresh juice makes me feel a lil guilty so I don't do it. Don't get me wrong this girl loves cake, just not everyday of the week you know. My Fitness Pal is the best and easiest way to track what you're eating and check up on your calorie intake, you can also log how much water you drink and any exercise you do all in one place!

Yoga with Adrienne - YouTube

I've tried a few apps and read a few books and nothing has come close to how easy an at home yoga session is when following one of Adrienne's Videos. She's so clear and informative and I find her voice so calming which is obviously what you want from a yoga session. She recently did a 30 day yoga camp which you can access whenever you want on YouTube and work through at your leisure. I purchased a yoga mat from Amazon, roll it out in my room and light a few candles and i'm ready to get relaxed.

These three keep me motivated even when I can't force myself to get to the gym, I know a lot of people find the gym daunting or simply too busy, especially at this time of year so I hope you will find this post helpful if that applies to you!

What are your favourite ways to work out and stay motivated?

23 February 2016

Beauty | Hair Routine

Hi Lovelies! I am a big lover of Lush Hair Products as we all know; and they have been my complete hair care routine for the past few months, you can read my post about my previous hair care routine with Lush HERE. However in December after a recommendation from a friend which I mentioned in my Instagram Round-up Post, I decided to give my hair a real treat and dig into my purse (soz bank account) and switch up my routine. Here's how it's lookin' now:

My first step is the Kerastase Resistance Bain Force Architecte Shampoo. It's for weak, brittle, dry and damaged hair, which to be honest with you (and not to blow my own hair trumpet) my hair wasn't in a bad condition at all, but I figured it can always be better right? The reviews for this stuff claim it works absolute wonders for your hair. This shampoo strengthens and reconstructs and has a powerful trio of Intra-Cylane, Ceraminde R and Pro-Keratin, helping you have a good hair day every day.  I had really gotten used to and loved how natural the Lush products were, however my hair is in the best condition of it's life after a  month of using this! It's shiny, soft and so manageable!

The next thing I use and this is seriously my one true love being nearly on to my third tub, is the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment .  This product works on the premise that for your hair to grow it needs to be healthy right down to the root, it's motto being 'if the earth's not nourished, you'll never grow beautiful flowers'. Cue an image of flowers sprouting from your head. After shampooing I massage this into the roots and leave for around 5 minutes. This stuff smells incredible, if you have used any Lee Stafford Products you will know what I mean. Oohh baby. I cannot tell you how much my hair has grown in the past few months as opposed to how slow it used to grow. Now I eat healthy, exercise try to have my 5 a day and drink enough water etc etc which all plays a massive part too, but on top of all that if you hair isn't growing and you don't want to fork out a small fortune on a hair serum then please please please try this!

Finally after being in the shower for about half an hour already I use the Kerastate Resistance Ciment Anti-Usure - Vita Ciment Advance. Yeah try and ask for that in a shop, I dare you. This is again a treatment, and I know what you're all thinking; and no, two treatments don't leave my hair greasier than a deep fat fryer and no it isn't too much (for me anyway). I try to avoid the lengths of hair with the Lee Stafford Treatment so this little beauty looks after those for me. It again is targeted at weak and brittle hair and works to re-build the hairs fibres and seal in renewed strength. It instructs you to apply this to towel dried hair, but really, ain't nobody got time for that. I definitely just ring out my hair a little, smother this all over and leave for 2 minutes before giving my hair a really good rinse.

Now onto dealing with my hair post shower. If you haven't tried the Milk_Shake Incredible Milk Leave In Conditioner then I just don't even know what to say. It smells amazing number one. Detangles like an absolute pro and does about nine thousand other things which I spoke about months ago in this post  that your hair NEEDS and I really mean needs. I cannot believe I ever even put a tangle teezer through my knotty wet locks before using this godsend product.

Finally; and this is a relatively new product that I am loving is the Palmers Strong Roots Spray. I feel like I needn't say anything about this product other than the fact that it has Pure Coconut Oil in it, because that alone makes it obviously amazing for your hair and will probably heal a bullet wound also. It also contains Peppermint to stimulate the scalp and leave your hair smelling so fresh and Eucalyptus to soothe any tightness, a perfect trio to finish off with.

I like to leave my hair to just dry naturally when I can so this is where my routine ends!

What are your favourite hair products and have you tried any of these?

21 February 2016

Outfit | Spring Coat

Outfit: Jeans- Missguided/ Jumper - New Look/ Boots- Zara

Hi Lovelies! I'm sat writing; and in fact photographed this post in the WORST weather, so I almost feel a little silly planning forward to spring. I'm having to remind myself that even though it's getting colder and I'm having to grit my teeth and de-ice my car every god damn morning, spring is still coming and that there will be and end to this miserable wet weather (lol who I am kidding I live in Manchester there is NEVER an end).  Anyway if you've been keeping up to date with my posts you will know that I have been slowly building up clothes (like this and this) that will do for now, but will be perfect for the spring and summer, this coat is no exception.

This Dusty Rose Silky Trench Coat is from Pretty Little Thing and is making me so excited for the warmer months! It's surprisingly warm but lightweight and just so girly! I teamed this with skinny ripped jeans but I can see this thrown on with some boyfriend jeans and flats to keep me warm on spring nights and it'll be the piece that pulls it all together. Long gone are the days of not wanting to wear a jacket and cover up my outfit, this coat is 100% going to be the focus!

This Coat is currently on sale for £20 so get it quick here! I've also had a browse at some similar bargain beauties to feast your eyes on and get excited over, pay day is around the corner gals.

   Plus Size Longline Crepe Mac Light BlueRiver Island Lightweight TrenchPlus Lexi Waterfall TrenchTrenchcoat

What spring jacket will you be going for? 


18 February 2016

Lifestyle | Valentines at the Titanic Hotel

Hello Lovelies! If you are one of those people that spent the last week groaning about Valentines Day then I would probably say this post isn't one for you. If you follow me on Social Media you will know that not only has it been Valentines Day but it has also been my anniversary within the past two weeks, so there has been a whole lotta loves and feels in the air and I have LOVED it. I'm one of those people who loves to post and ramble and everything else about their boyfriend when acceptable, because he's a lil diamond who forever deserves the appreciation. Not that I go overboard of course, I understand that not everyone needs to know about it.

Anywaaaaayyy we enjoyed a lovely meal on the Monday for our first anniversary at Gusto in Knutsford, which was lovely highly recommend and all that. However we were especially looking forward to getting away for a night to the Titanic Hotel in Liverpool for Valentines. Now it was a little pricey at around £240 for the one night in a superior room, however feast your eyes here and tell me it isn't beautiful!

I won't ramble too much about it but it was just an experience I wanted to share and recommend for any special occasions. It felt so luxurious and a real treat (it's definitely NOT in our usual budget) and something that I am so glad we did so that we can remember finishing off our first year together in true style. It's close to the centre of Liverpool and overlooks the Docks so of course we went out for some cocktails and a browse in Liverpool One, before heading back for a drink in the hotels very own Rum Bar (HEAVEN), leaving us ready to saunter back to our spacious suite to enjoy the waterfall shower and prance about in the complimentary robe and slippers provided.  (I couldn't take that many great quality photos of the hotel itself as they've gone for the whole dim lighted vibe - if that makes sense!)

If you have any special occasions coming up where you'd like to treat yourself, your partner, friend or family member then I really recommend this place; and if you have the money to really go all out they have an unbelievably beautiful spa and pool (the pool alone will set you back £25 EACH per session and an appointment to use it has to be made).

How was your valentines?

16 February 2016

Beauty | Bondi Sands Gradual Tan

Hi Lovelies! If you read my Instagram Favourites round up (here) you will have seen this very fancy looking beauty; and if you've read some of my past posts or know me personally you'll know that I'm a gal who loves her tan. I'm one of those people who can easily when on holiday glue my arse to a sun lounger and not move, (so if you're one of those people that has an itinerary for your vacation then we won't ever get on when holidaying). That's not to say that I go on holiday purely for the tan of course... it's just that heads will roll if I come home from 2 weeks away and some dares to ask me 'was the weather not that great then?' oooohhh hell child, some of us only get one chance for a good tan that lasts all summer OKAY?!

Anyway on to the point, a few weeks ago when I ventured to Boots on a mission to merely re-purchase my St Tropez Gradual Tan, I stumbled upon this. It's hard to miss the bottle, as it is quite large and bright blue amongst the usual white and brown packaged tan products (I like your thinking Bondi Sands). So of course shopping magpie over here was caught hook line and sinker and off I popped to the checkouts without even a second thought.

I honestly LOVE this gradual tan, I have been applying it pretty much every night, give or take a few where i've been lazy or just too bloody cold!! I use my hands, which I never did with my St Tropez I always stuck to the mitt, however I slap this on with my lil paws, which leaves me with a streak free finish and with just one rinse of them (make sure you give those pesky bits in between your fingers a proper rinse, we all know how awful that looks) i'm at no risk of having the dreaded wotsit fingers, eugh. It dries quickly, produces a gorgeous natural honey glow; and most importantly doesn't leave a strong 'fake tan' scent! PERFECT. I'm in love, so this bottle will be sitting very pretty on my shelf for the forseeable future!

Have you tried any Bondi Sands products?

13 February 2016

Instagram Lately | A Look At My Favourites

So unfortunately; and this makes me so sad because I have really gotten into my recent posting routine, I cannot put up my usual outfit post today. Girls going away for Valentines and seen as I work ALL DAY THROUGH ALL DAYLIGHT CURSE YOU WINTER and didn't get prepared and photograph an #ootd in advance I can't do one this week, *sobs*; I am also writing this early so that I can enjoy a full weekend off.

Anyway as I was sitting and thinking about what I can post instead, I was torn between an Instagram round -up and  a recent favourites, when I thought 'Sheridan, you can fully use your recent instagram photos to talk about your recent favourite things', so here we are my lovelies an Instagram Favourites Round-up, not to be confused with just an Instagram round-up or round-up of my favourite Instagram photos, and i've said Instagram, round-up and favourites too much now so lets begin, oops.

#1 Bershka

Have you been on this website? I weirdly hadn't and now even though I ordered pretty much the whole website (including this gorg lil stripey number) when I first found it, I still feel very deprived. So Zara, so cheap, always sales on. GO NOW.

#2 Bondi Sands Gradual Tan

Now I will admit that I picked this up because of the bottle. It looks like a fancy salon shampoo, which is obviously not what I wanted fake tan for but you know, the big pump, the bright blues,  I needed it. It's also a fabulous gradual tan btw...

#3 Yoga

I have recently purchased a new Yoga Mat so that I can now practice properly at home. I let going to yoga class slip as I was finding it difficult to get my arse to the gym never mind my yoga class too. This has helped me to make time and to really enjoy yoga again.

#4 Kerastase

Lush Hair Products are so dear to my heart (i'm talking to you American Cream) but after some recommendations from friends I decided to take the plunge (real deep into my purse this stuff is expensive) and buy this shampoo and conditioner. I do really love it though and my hair is looking so healthy and full of life!

#5 Khaki x Pretty Little Thing

I want to dedicate a little section to how much I love Khaki at the minute. I can't stop buying Khaki items including these pants which are from Pretty Little Thing as is the bodysuit, all costing me probably under £30 and I just LOVE.

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11 February 2016

Baking | Cake Pops

So I've been having a pretty bad time at work recently, bad boss = negative vibes, not good. If you know me personally you will know that I ALWAYS try to remain positive when I can and I think I've cried or been really down about something about 5 times in the past 10 years. Not that there is anything wrong with a good old cry it's just that I don't do it often and that's how I was raised, a strong independent woman who shows no emotion and all that (if my parents went to hug me I think i'd have a heart attack). Anyway, I decided to take the beginning of this week off, giving me four days to take a break, get my ducks in a row etc and sort myself out. It was also my anniversary with Ryan (aw) but I'm going talk more about that this weekend.

So on to the actual point of today's lovely post, when feeling negative I like to turn to yoga and I have always loved baking, so when the yoga was done I got the recipe books out. I decided to make some adorable and so popular cake pops! I feel like I have finally mastered them and I wanted to share these ones with you.

In the attempt to not have this post be about 40 pages long, I'm going to start at the actual cake pop making stage, post vanilla sponge baking, so before we begin follow this recipe for a vanilla sponge cake or whatever flavour sponge cake you so desire; I actually added salted caramel flavouring to mine and then we can get cracking.

You will need:
A Large Bowl
Decorations or icing for piping

Making the Cake Pops

When your vanilla sponge has cooled (I allow at least an hour) you need to take your large bowl and begin crumbling the cake. I like to trim the edges where the cake may be a little more on the crunchy side as you want nice soft crumbs. I find that cutting my cake into quarters and simply rubbing it in my hands or rubbing two quarters of cake together is the best method. Do this until there is no large chunks of cake left just soft crumbs.

Now taking the Buttercream/Vanilla Frosting, I used a 400g tub of Betty Crocker Vanilla Frosting and took just short of three quarters of the tub and added it to the crumbled cake. You don't want to add too much and make it too moist. Then, using a silicone spatula and your hands mix it all in until you have a nice mixture that can hold a shape.

You need to begin moulding the mixture into about 1.5 inch balls and putting them aside on a tray. You don't want to make them too big because they will simply fall off the sticks!! These then need to be put in the fridge for around 2-3 hours or the freezer for about 15 minutes, you want the cake pops to be firm but not frozen! 

Then taking just a handful of Candy Melts for now (you can buy these on line or from Hobby Craft, I can't express how much better and easier these are to use as opposed to melting chocolate); you need to melt (I used the microwave) these in a small bowl. Taking your cake pop sticks and cake pops, dip each one into the melted candy melts to cover the end of the sticks and push them into the cake pops about halfway, be careful not to push them in to far! You can then put these back in to the fridge for around an hour. This creates a nice glue so that the cake pops don't fall of there sticks and become cake balls, eek. 

Grabbing a whole bag of Candy Melts, (I used white) place them in a deep bowl and pop in the microwave to melt. They don't take long to melt so you will need to keep checking that they don't burn! Once they are completely melted I like to add two or three teaspoons of vegetable oil. This makes the Candy Melt a nice consistency. If it is too thick it will simply pull the cake pops off their sticks! 

One by One you then take each cake pop and dip it into the Candy Melt, gently tapping them off the side of the bowl ensuring that it drips off evenly to leave a nice smooth finish before transferring them to the cake pop stand. 

If you are wanting to add some decorations, I used a variety of sprinkles and glitter, you need to do this straight away as the Candy Melt dries quite quickly! 

After you've decorated them however you want and left them to dry you can display them however you like! Adding ribbons the the sticks or simply putting them in a jar like I have, I think they are just adorable and could be great gifts! 

Have you ever tried making cake pops before? 

9 February 2016

Beauty | Everday Face Foundation From Bourjois

Hello Lovelies! If you read my blog post last week on my purchases from Kiko, then I want to take you back to that shopping trip. You know the one where I gave myself a good speaking to about buying more make-up and that it was a big no no, but then I did it anyway? Yea that one. I bought this too. woops. However this is one of those purchases that I feel prettttttyyy good about and not guilty one bit. I give you the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation - £9.99 at Boots. It boasts a radiant complexion for 16 hours which is enhanced with fruit therapy, Apricot for Radiance, Melon for Hydration and Apple to protect your youth (I pretty much copied this from the Boots website but there was not many ways I could re word it tbh).

I can't say I've worn it for more than 16 hours but when I put this on at half 7 in the morning it's still looking pretty darn good on my combination/oily skin by half 5, which is a tremendous effort don't we think? This foundation feels lightweight and hydrating and even though the coverage isn't really high its definitely buildable and for me great for everyday with a bit of concealer for any blemishes, bags, etc.

It really lives up to its promise of radiant and healthy skin and creates a lovely and natural glow which is hard to find in a foundation when you have oily skin! I picked this up in Light Vanilla as i'm quite pale at the minute and I find that this shade works great for me. I've found my perfect everyday foundation I think!

Have you tried this yet?


7 February 2016

Outfit Post | Camouflage

Jacket - Topshop £45
So if you read my post last week about my pay day wishlist you would of noticed that it featured this jacket which I am now the proud owner of (I have the best boyfriend who always reads my blog, plus I may have 'slightly hinted'!! He also takes all my photos, best boyfriend award winner? yes!) I'm just so in love with it and I know that I should really stop shopping for spring and the warmer months but I feel like it's going to be the perfect jacket to throw on and bring an outfit together when the weather gets a lil nicer! 

Are you liking the Camouflage trend at the minute?


4 February 2016

Golden Milk

Here I am bringing you another recipe I've tried, loved and now feel like I HAVE to share with you. Turmeric milk.  It doesn't sound amazing but tastes INCREDIBLE and is so beneficial for your body making it the perfect night time drink.  Turmeric has strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-sceptic properties which is exactly why it should be all up in your diet.

It's benefits are endless, just like the Himalayan Pink Salt Water Sole I told you about last week (read here) and it's so yummy.  It helps you sleep, helps fight off common colds and respiratory illnesses, it's an anti-inflammatory, aids digestion and menstrual cramps and many other things including claiming to fight off some cancers! I can't comment on some of these apparent benefits yet but what I can say is that booooyy does it help you sleep, I fall into a deep doze to dream about lipsticks and gin and tonics the minute my head hits the pillow. There are many different versions of this all over the internet but this is how I have been making mine!

2 cups of Coconut Milk 
1 teaspoon of Turmeric
1 teaspoon of Ground Cinnamon or a Cinnamon Stick 
1 teaspoon of Honey

Method (so simple!!):
Add all ingredients into a pan and whisk gently until combined, bring to the boil then allow to simmer for 20-30 minutes. Serve in a mug with a little bit of honey to taste if you wish! (If you used a cinnamon stick then drain this out of course!)

I just love getting snuggled up after a pamper session with one of my favourite TV shows and sending myself off into a peaceful sleep with a warm cup of this. So yummy and so relaxing! You need to try this! 

I've also read that Turmeric is GREAT for your skin so my next mission is to create a face mask which I will of course share with you here. 

Are you going to try this or have you tried it before? 


2 February 2016

Kiko Lip

Last week it was my sisters birthday and she decided that she wanted to go shopping for make-up as a birthday present. I gave myself a stern talking to before heading off to the Trafford Centre that I would not buy anything for myself, but lol imagine that ever happening. So sure enough I stayed consistent and true to myself and bought stuff. The Trafford Centre now have a standalone Kiko store (YAY) and she wanted a few bits from there. I remained calm and only bought two things, i've delved into their eyeshadows but never their lip products so that's what I went for.

I'm not very adventurous when it comes to lips, I don't feel like reds and light nudes suit me; as much as I love them on other people, so I stick to pinks (not like barbie pink obvs). I also love glossy lips, 2015 was the year of the matte lip and I like it, but it's a glossy lip for me pretty much every time please!

The first thing I went for was the 3D Instant Volume Lipgloss in 218 - Deep Pink which was £6.90. I seriously love this. Such a gorgeous colour and it plumps up your lips with a slight tingle, which I really like as I am HUGE Lip Voltage lover.  It creates an instant glossy multi-dimensional look which is moisturising and really lasts for a lip gloss so a massive thumbs up from me.

The next product I picked up was the Smart Lipstick in 926 - Marsala  which was £3.90 YES £3.90 omg. The colour now I've tried it is a little dark for me for casual wear, but will be perfect for a night out! The lipstick itself is a lovely silky texture which is nourishing on the lips and feels comfortable and moisturising making application so easy. It boasts long coverage but I am yet to put that to the test so will keep you updated but for the price, you can't really complain can you?!

Have you tried anything from Kiko yet? x