28 December 2015

Packing for a Winter Break: Hand Luggage Edition

I am so so excited to be going on a little city break to Dublin for New Years with Ryan tomorrow, a break is very needed for us both. However with only a 15kg suitcase between two of us for 5 nights, some planning is required for my packing, as this girl can't pack light!! I'm going to plan every outfit so that I won't have any excess weight wah, so I need to get all the other essentials that I can (damn you hand luggage liquid limit my Charlotte Tilbury is too precious to be in a suitcase!!!) into my handbag. So here's my hand luggage essentials for a short winter break!

1. Passport - er duh!?

2. Lip Balm/Gloss - I cannot stand having dry and dull lips, I can't leave the house on a normal day without some form of lip balm so obvs I can't leave the country without some!!! I love Nivea Fruity Shine in Watermelon as it leaves a lovely pink tint; and we all have a trusty vaseline tin. 

3. Hand Cream - dry hands eugh, no no. I love Hand Food from Soap & Glory to keep my hands nice and soft in the winter. 

4. Earphones - Even though our flight is only short, I still can't not take earphones, like everyone I've been loving Biebs album. 

5. Camera - I'm hoping to get some good photos in Dublin so I'm taking my trusty Nikon D3300 DSLR. 

6. Laptop - I can't go 5 nights without blogging, sorry Ryan.

7. Chewing Gum - Always needed. 

8. Tangle Teezer!!! - I have the worlds knottiest hair. I NEVER go anywhere without my tangle teezer. 

9. Perfume - I got Paco Rabanne Olmpea for Christmas and I love it, this will be coming with me for a little freshen up when needed. 

10. Bobbles - Invisibobbles ofcourse. Necessary. 

11. My glasses - I don't have to explain these surely, I only need them for reading but they of course will be in my hand luggage.

As it's a short flight I wont be taking some of the other things you would usually need such as flight socks/pillow, make-up to top up and my adorable little eye mask pictured from Tesco (it came with a matching jumper eeee) for a little snooze.

What are your travelling essentials?



  1. I love that eye mask! I definitely would put some hand sanitizer in too. - planes are gross!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    1. Very true!! I may have to add one of those! x

  2. Lip balm and hand cream are always a must for me. Hope you have an amazing time in Dublin!

    Thirteen Thoughts

  3. The eye mask is so cute! I've tested that perfume before and I absolutely love it, tempted to buy myself it!

    Lauren Ashleigh xx

  4. I can't travel without my cream, because my hands get dry as soon as I wash them, my lip balm, hand sanitizer and Clean and Clear absorbing sheets to freshen up.
    BTW, I love the cute eye mask!

    1. Same, my hands get so dry! Its so cute isn't it! x

  5. your eye mask is so cute! i hope you have a lovely time:-)xx