28 December 2015

Packing for a Winter Break: Hand Luggage Edition

I am so so excited to be going on a little city break to Dublin for New Years with Ryan tomorrow, a break is very needed for us both. However with only a 15kg suitcase between two of us for 5 nights, some planning is required for my packing, as this girl can't pack light!! I'm going to plan every outfit so that I won't have any excess weight wah, so I need to get all the other essentials that I can (damn you hand luggage liquid limit my Charlotte Tilbury is too precious to be in a suitcase!!!) into my handbag. So here's my hand luggage essentials for a short winter break!

1. Passport - er duh!?

2. Lip Balm/Gloss - I cannot stand having dry and dull lips, I can't leave the house on a normal day without some form of lip balm so obvs I can't leave the country without some!!! I love Nivea Fruity Shine in Watermelon as it leaves a lovely pink tint; and we all have a trusty vaseline tin. 

3. Hand Cream - dry hands eugh, no no. I love Hand Food from Soap & Glory to keep my hands nice and soft in the winter. 

4. Earphones - Even though our flight is only short, I still can't not take earphones, like everyone I've been loving Biebs album. 

5. Camera - I'm hoping to get some good photos in Dublin so I'm taking my trusty Nikon D3300 DSLR. 

6. Laptop - I can't go 5 nights without blogging, sorry Ryan.

7. Chewing Gum - Always needed. 

8. Tangle Teezer!!! - I have the worlds knottiest hair. I NEVER go anywhere without my tangle teezer. 

9. Perfume - I got Paco Rabanne Olmpea for Christmas and I love it, this will be coming with me for a little freshen up when needed. 

10. Bobbles - Invisibobbles ofcourse. Necessary. 

11. My glasses - I don't have to explain these surely, I only need them for reading but they of course will be in my hand luggage.

As it's a short flight I wont be taking some of the other things you would usually need such as flight socks/pillow, make-up to top up and my adorable little eye mask pictured from Tesco (it came with a matching jumper eeee) for a little snooze.

What are your travelling essentials?

21 December 2015

The Blogger Made Me Buy It

I think at least once a week, probably a lot more actually I find myself explaining to my boyfriend that once again I need yet another hair conditioner because 'I read this blog and it sounds amazing and my hair needs it'. He doesn't even ask anymore, he just gives me a look because he knows what's coming.

Let me tell you one thing I've learn't about blogging. It aint good for a shopping addiction. I was already a very bad shopaholic and now every surface, draw, cupboard the lot is so full of beauty products that I'm going to have to start peeling back the floor boards to find somewhere to store it. However my hairs soft and my skins like a dolphins soooo, worth it? YARS.

I've bought loads recently, but I've managed to narrow it down to four of my recent blogger induced buys because these, I absolutely love.

Clinique - Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm - I've wanted to try a cleansing balm for a while now, but after finding a cleansing milk by Soap and Glory that I really liked, I kind of put it aside as I didn't want to mess up my routine. However I'm like a magpie so I always end up wanting the new shiny thing and I kept seeing this pop up. It's £22 so not the cheapest thing ever, but also not ridiculous and I'm very happy that I finally bought it. I've been piling on the festive purple smokey eyes for the past few weeks and it has had no problems getting me fresh faced again. I take a little bit of this (a little bit goes a long way) and massage into my face before using a facial cloth to gently wipe away the day. It doesn't leave any residue, just soft, clean skin!

Nivea Men Post Shave Balm - As a primer ofcourse, not because I shave my face. Although I have heard that you can shave off the ol' peach fuzz, but I don't. Everyonnneeee has been raving about this as a make-up primer and after picking it up at Boots for £2.67 (!!!!) I completely get why! It's amazing! Make-up goes on so much nicer and lasts all day without becoming oily. It smells manly for about 5 seconds, but then you can't smell anything so it's not an issue; and you have to just kind of pour it out, so do this with caution.
WHY didn't I try this sooner. Sorry Mac and Benefit Primers, your going under the floorboards for a while.

Milk_Shake - Incredible Milk 12 Effects Leave In Treatment for all hair types - this does everything. Throw away all your other hair products (maybe not all) because this detangles, adds shine, protects from heat, prevents split ends, helps to maintain colour, adds body and volume and a whole other load of stuff. It smells so unbelievably nice also; I think it smells like Cream Soda, you might think otherwise. My hair is always a mess after a shower and a couple of sprays of this and I can already feel how soft my hair is and how much easier it is to brush through. I absolutely love this because it saves me from having to pile on about 5 different hair products and ending up with greasy hair, faaaaabulous. I got this for £10.75 on Beauty Bay.

Treacle Moon - Sugared Almond Tart Shower/Bath Gel - I keep seeing Treaclemoon popping up on blogs and I think a big reason why these are so popular is the adorable packaging! How cute are the bottles? I can imagine having like ten bottles all lined up looking ridic cute in my bathroom. The Honeycomb Secret has been everywhere at the minute but when I saw this little cutie I actually just couldn't resist the bottle.  They have loads of different scents in shower gels, Body Butters and Scrubs (most shower gels £1.99 in Tesco at the moment) and they all smell lovely and leave your skin lightly scented and so soft.

What have bloggers made you buy this month?


6 December 2015

Winter Glow

I love the winter but it doesn't do any favours for my skin, I just love having a tan!! The Christmas party season is upon us and this is my favourite way to get a natural looking sun kissed glow.

Xen-Tan Dark Tanning Lotion - usually £29 in Boots, but on offer currently for £19.33! hurrah!
I like to start with this the night before, I like to make sure I have shaved and exfoliated the day before and I don't apply any moisturiser, this tan is a lotion so it leaves your skin lovely and soft! It's a lovely golden olive-toned colour by the morning that I think looks so natural and once I've had a shower it's always streak free and flawless too! The one thing that I just LOVE about this tan is that is smells ammmmaaazing, like Amaretto, mmmmm.

Victoria Secret Weightless Body Oil - Shea - £12.27. This smells amazing. It makes your skin so soft and leaves it looking so healthy too, creating the perfect sun kissed glow. I put this on about an hour before I'm going to put my dress/outfit on.

Victoria Secret Beach Sexy Instant Bronzing Shimmer Powder - £16 (I bought this a while ago, its on sale at the minute on the website for £12.27) I finish off the process with this bronzing shimmer brush from Victoria Secret just brushing it all over my skin after I've put on the body oil, this adds a little shimmer to your skin and I just love it. If you aren't a glitter person then I don't think this is for you, but I personally love the effect! It looks great on photos too!

I love having that fresh off holiday glow all year round and this creates it!

What products do you love?

4 December 2015

November Faves

I've come across so many new and amazing things over the last few months making this one a toughy, but in a bid not to bore i've chosen just five things out of the vast selection of my faves to include in this post.

1. Missguided

I've loved Missguided for quite a while now for dresses and 'out out' attire and 2015 has seen them get bigger and better and they've become my favourite online shop for everything! They're so reasonably priced and always have great sales. I picked up the shoes pictured above on Black Friday and I looooveee them, I also got the little selection below of party dresses ready for December, I'm so ready for the festive season!!

Lace Up Barely There Heeled Sandals RedOne Sleeve Bodycon Dress RedCrepe One Shoulder Asymmetric Bodycon Dress WhiteDo It Any Way Multiway Slinky Bodycon Dress Teal

2. L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Rebalancing Facial Oil 

I've been eyeing up and trying to do my research on facial oils and i've never been completely sold on one. I have combination/oily skin so i've always been a little dismissive of them as I didn't think i'd ever 'need' one. I happened to just stroll across this one on sale at Boots down from £19.99 to £13.33 (It's still at this price!!) and it's aimed at skin like mine. I snapped it up of course, I mean it was on sale and as previously mentioned i'm a salesmans dream. This however was an impulsive buy that i'm very impressed with! It smells like ginger and my make-up glides on like an absolute dream. It's contains 8 essential oils; Green Oregano; Citronella; Melissa; Lemongrass; Clove; Rosemary; Lavender and Camomile. It tightens your pores and brightens the skin without a greasy residue! I love it!

3. Invisibobbles

If you haven't tried these yet then I just don't even know what to say. I will never go back to normal bobbles after I have found these lil beauties! Never has having your hair tied up all day been so comfortable. The big hoo hah with them is that they don't kink your hair... they do still kink mine a little so, that's not great, but they don't pull out any of your hair and I can have my hair tied up for days paaaaaain free. Yay!

4. New Look - Pure Dusk

£12.99 for a 100ml bottle of perfume? Erm i'll take 5! This perfume has a lot of substance and staying power and I forever get compliments on it. Its a deep and I hate to say it but it seems very appropriate but dusky smell. It entwines the elegance of iris with the strength of patchouli and the sweetness of a gourmend blend (I stole that from the webiste) basically it smells pretty damn fine, they have a couple to choose from, all lovely!

5. Real Techniques - Expert Face Brush 

I'm a big Real Techniques Brush fan, this is actually one of the first ones I ever got years ago and I loved it, however I had it next to a candle and it fell into the wax and its taken me up until now to replace it (I fell for the stippling brush for a while). £9.99 from Boots and I find that it's a great all rounder, I apply my foundation with it when I want fuller coverage and blend my concealer and contour with it too. I feel that this teamed with a Beauty Blender creates such flawless results so it's landed in my favourites!

2 December 2015

Salted Caramel Birthday Cupcakes

I'm pretty sure most of you know how to make a basic vanilla cupcake, but I'm gon' tell you anyway. I made these cute little Salted Caramel Cupcakes for my boyfriends birthday, yea they aren't very manly but they taste delicious.

For the cupcakes you'll need:

175g of Softened Butter or Margarine, I used butter (unsalted) 
175g of Caster Sugar
2 Teaspoons of Salted Caramel Flavouring (I got mine from Tesco) or you can stick with Vanilla
3 Eggs
175g of Self Raising Flour
2 Tablespoons of Milk (Optional but I always add it in)

Pre-heat your oven to 170 C/Gas Mark 3

The first step is to cream the Butter and Sugar together, a recipe will usually recommend using a whisk but I like to use the old back of a wooden spoon and a big mixing bowl. Once its mixed to a light and fluffy texture, add the flavouring and the eggs mixing in between each egg. This is where I bring out the hand whisk, so that its thoroughly mixed and smooth. I then add the flour and mix using a silicone spatula bit by bit.  Spoon it in to your cupcake cases and get them in the oven for around 20 minutes. Once cooked they'll need to be popped onto a cooling rack for about 30 minutes, you don't want runny buttercream or icing!

For the Buttercream:

140g/5oz of Softened Butter (Unsalted)
280g/1oz of Icing Sugar
1-2 Tablespoons of Milk
Food colouring if desired

This is very simple, slowly add the icing sugar to the butter and beat until smooth adding the food colouring if you want. I then used a piping bag, I cut down a smooth round nozzle so that the icing would be thick and smooth and piped them onto each cake. Then add whatever decorations you want! Simple!