25 November 2015

The product I cannot live without

So I was writing down a view ideas for blog posts for the next week, and I was trying to think about the one thing that I could not be without, the one product that I go into an absolute bitch fit style paddy when I can't find or when I've ran out unprepared. I couldn't think of anything that I really rely on and use daily that would look really pretty and girly on my blog, I don't wear loads of make-up during the week so any gorgeously packaged palettes would have just been for the sake of a nice photo.

Looking around my room I saw my one true love, aside from my phone (and Ryan) this bad boy is the one thing that I have used consistently for years and unless I start having Botox in my armpits to stop me sweating, I can't see me ever not loving this product. This isn't going to be a long post as it's just deodrant but I've recommended this to everyone since i've used it. I'm sure A LOT of people have heard of this, all my friends (and boyfriend who is amazed by it too) that I've ranted to about it and that have actually gone out and bought it love it too. This stuff is just amazing, I rarely sweat unless i'm at the gym (if you're not sweating there then you're doing something wrong sister!) and you can smell fresh as a daisy alllllll day long. I'm not a wonder woman or one of those lucky people that have never really perspired (eugh) so this will work just as well for pretty much everyone!

I always pick mine up from Boots or somewhere like Tesco for around £4.99 and I usually go for the Sure Women Maximum Protection Anti-perspirant Deodrant Cream in Sport Strength (the red one) purely because I love the smell, but they didn't have this one on my last trip so I got the Stress Control (pictured above). Dove also do a version which is just as fab! They claim that they work better at night whilst you sleep as your body is at its resting temperature, so helllloooo hot baths and a quick apply of this beaut before bed and an extra half an hour cosy in bed in the morning still dry and fresh!

I'm sorry this isn't the most interesting post, but I just wanted to share my wonder product to a few more people!


  1. I usually swear by Mitchum and have tried Sure before too, but in spray formula. Must give this a go next time as it sound like a great option x

    Beauty with charm | AVENE GIVEAWAY

    1. It's amazing, I haven't ever tried Mitchum but I'm sure you'll love this x

  2. Sounds like a great product ♥


  3. I always use spray formula for my deodorant but this one sounds amazing. I will be surely giving this a go. Xx

    every LiTTLE thing07

    1. It works so much better for me then a spray! x