23 March 2017

Top Three Drugstore Foundations

I wish this post was sponsored by L'oreal...it's not, they're just the stars of my make-up bag at the minute!

These three cover all bases, the matte, the dewy and the just right.  For us with oily skin types, finding the right foundation that not only looks good when first applied, but stays good is a tricky task. I spend five days of the week completely make-up free, maybe stretching the effort for my eyebrows every other day. My make-up just never seems to last a day at the office and I like to give my skin the chance to breath.

This means that I no longer feel the need to spend copious amounts on foundations, so when my favourite Charlotte Tilbury base ran out, I didn't run to Selfridges to replace it. Instead, i headed to boots in search of a drugstore alternative for a fraction of the price. 

A few months later, Nars, Mac and Chanel have taken permanent residence at the bottom of my make-up bag in favour of three L'oreal choices, all of which work so well for my skin type. 

I must admit that this isn't new to my collection, but it's one I've recently rekindled my love for. 

I don't know who wears make-up for a whole 24 hours, I won't be the one to try it. However if I were to wear make-up to the office, this would be my choice. All the coverage with all the comfort. What I love most about this is how blendable it is considering the matte finish. 

This is one of the few foundations that keeps my oily skin at bay, covers all blemishes and redness and mattifies any shine. 

Out of the three this has the highest longevity and only after around 5-6 hours does it start to cling to any dry patches (Still no shine!). Which for me, is amazing! 

I went for porcelain, as this is my choice for everyday, when I might not have applied fake tan and it has a lovely cool tone that is so natural. I apply with a damp beauty blender and having tried with a make-up brush, a sponge definitely works best for an even, flawless application.  

Dewy isn't a quality I look for when foundation shopping because my skin nails that all by itself, especially in the summer. 

However this foundation gives my skin a lovely glow and is by far the most natural finish of the three

L'Oreal have an impressive selection of shades in this foundation, meaning you can select the perfect one for you, that kind of your skin but better shade The formula is lightweight and again so comfortable on the skin and even though it may not last as long on my skin type, it has a gorgeous demi-matte finish, that's smooth and radiant. It's so easy to apply using a foundation brush and the coverage is very build-able and takes care of any pesky blemishes with ease! It lasts around 3-4 hours before I need to touch it up. 

New to the bunch is this beauty. A relatively recent addition to the L'Oreal stand, Total Cover is the perfect inbetween. The coverage is insane, L'Oreal claim it will even cover tattoos (I have yet to convince Ryan to let me test that theory) and I can safely say it covers any imperfections with one single coat. Much to my surprise it doesn't look or feel thick or tight and stays that way throughout the day.

The texture is not as thick as I anticipated for such a full cover foundation, it again blends easily and the shade I chose is perfect for me, no orange undertones in sight! 

It comes just under the Infallible Matte in terms of longevity, but a light dusting of powder after a few hours wear buffs away any shine. 

The finish sits perfectly in between True Match and Infallible Matte, natural and healthy looking but completely flawless, I'm in love! 

Have you tried any of these foundations yet?



19 March 2017

Love Me Beauty Bag Review

I'll never tire of opening up a bag of surprises each month. 

I'm going to dive right in this time with a review of each product received this month! Love Me Beauty are a beauty bag subscription service that deliver a few new products to your door at the start of each month, a GREAT way to try before you buy! March's bag was all about revealing a healthy radiance from within! Right up my street.

First up, two from Caudalie. 

These two products are really great sizes and will last quite a while so you can really get a feel for the product! The Vine [Activ] range is adapted to every day life, helping to limit the damage from pollution and reveal a healthy glow from within! They sound like the perfect products right? This month I received the 3 in 1 moisturiser and eye cream and I love them both. 

They're super moisturising whilst still being lightweight, which is a big deal breaker for me when finding the right daily moisturiser. With a whole host of great ingredients such as Vitamin C and Liquorice to energise and de-congest the skin, they're the perfect pair for the upcoming seasons. 

Perricone MD Blue Plasma Cleansing Lotion 

This colourful baby caught my eye first as soon as I opened up the bag and coming from a brand I haven't use before, I was so excited to use it! This again helps to reveal radiance and exfoliate dead skin, make-up and any grime from the day. Simply saturate a cotton pad and smooth the lotion over skin after cleansing before going in with any serums/moisturisers. It's strangely thick in consistency and feels soothing on the skin and sinks in right away! 

Face - Sensitive Skin SPF

The best way to fight of signs of ageing? Sun cream! I forever forget how important it is to have some form of sun protection on our skin every single day (yes even when it isn't sunny). UV rays are always there and always harmful to the skin, so this handy little product has taken residence in my handbag! It's again super lightweight so sits really nicely under make-up! 

Moor Cream Cleanser - Omorovicza 

I may or may not have got too busy using this product to remember to photograph it, OOPS! New to Omorovicza, Moor Mud detoxifies skin to cleanse and purify leaving it feeling so fresh and tingly! My favourite part about this product is that it regulates the production of sebum, perfect for those with oily skin. It's great for a second cleanse and leaves my face squeaky clean. 

Korebeauty Hydrogel Facial Mask

Okay so I ripped this open the minute my hungover self received it last weekend and again forgot to photograph it, the worst beauty blogger ever right? But this gel mask may have been my favourite part of the whole package! With a collagen boost and intense moisture hit it restored my tired and dull skin instantly and felt SO relaxing, I could of kept it on all day long! 

This months edit may have been my favourite yet and I can't wait to see the difference these radiance revealing products make to my skin over the upcoming weeks! You can sign up to Love Me Beauty here! 



13 March 2017

So Fragrance Body Mist Review

What a blast from the past right?

So fragrance was my go to at 14, their aerosol sprays were a firm favourite in my bag and since those kind of sprays fizzled out a few years ago, So Fragrance are back with these beauties. 

My Instagram has been jam packed with cute flat lays featuring their new body mists, so of course I had to get my hands on them too. With a good variety of floral, fruity and sweet they are a perfect addition to your everyday routine, so put the expensive perfumes down and spritz one of these purse friendly options instead. 

I went for Vanilla Milkshake and Watermelon, because overly sweet scents are just my thing and I'm not even sorry about it. 

Vanilla Milkshake does not disappoint, it's a soft and creamy scent that has real longevity for a body mist and smells good enough to eat! I have gotten so many compliments on this one and think it's the perfect fragrance for everyday. 

Watermelon is more fruity and I think it's so lovely for the upcoming seasons. Whilst Vanilla Milkshake is super sweet, this one is fresh and light but just as gorgeous. It's not overly strong on the Watermelon front and the after scent is actually quite floral, however I still love it and the small and light bottle is so easy to throw in to my bag and have to hand all day for a top up! 

Have you tried these yet?